You live in the city…

Versione in inglese di “Rock a Milano, Blues alla Rocca”, adattata al volo nel corso della sessione su “Rural Citizen Science” alla conferenza ECSA di Vienna (4 aprile 2024). Un abitante di una zona rurale e uno di città si confrontano…

You live in the city, where people produce and innovate (x2)

But let me tell you something babe, you live in the city – for me it ain’t that great!

Monday morning, you get on the bus, you go to work, in the same old fuss

Then in the week-end you’re all lined up in cars, for shopping or recreation, but that’s like behind bars..

So you’re living in the city, most beautiful place on the earth

you live the ugly grey old city, but you don’t know what that is worth

You live in the country, you’re a small pin on my map (x2)

We come to see you in the Summer, but with the cold wind we leave with a snap

You’re driving an Ape – and maybe a tractor too

You’re diggin’ and sowin’ – with some of that rural blue

Enjoying the landscape, contemplating the sunset

but your village is dying, and this is something I don’t regret

So you’re living in the country, and you say rural is the best

But I feel fine here in the city, don’t care much about the rest!

Hey guys, don’t you realize, you’re getting nowhere: I ain’t telling no lies

Rural and urban, they have to mediate…

let’s have a common workshop, well: does not that sound great?

When the city folks go rural, and the farmers go to town

With live music for more outreach, and cit-science all around…