branobag dell’11-5-19: Silence

[prima edizione 13-4-2015]


La versione da disco è un poco più pulita e si apprezza meglio il gioco di basso, e il gioco da Beatles, ma è sempre interessante vedere il gruppo dal vivo.


I’ve been caught in a trap I set for myself
I don’t want to be here when you could be somewhere else
So why’d I sit on my hands like a book on a shelf
Where nothing but dust is falling?
Everyone ‘round here lives in silence

If I had something to say I’d say what I mean
How’d you lose all your words? I swear it’s obscene, I curse
How’d you look at yourself as the mirror turns green?
Yeah, only the fools ignore us
Everyone ‘round here lives in silence

I could wait all my life for someone to think
I can’t open your eyes but I can make you blink at me
So please don’t try to be nice, don’t need your advice
Please leave me to die of boredom
Everyone ‘round here lives in silence

(They wait for the end)
(They bow and they bend)
(Their homes they defend)