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Lectures on the Application of Participatory Methods for the Design of Interdisciplinary Activities for the Protection and Promotion of the Night Sky (Spring 2020)


Il 23 marzo e 16 aprile 2020 ho tenuto un corso integrativo sull’Applicazione di metodi partecipati alla progettazione di interventi di tutela e valorizzazione interdisciplinare del cielo notturno per gli studenti del corso di Composizione Architettonica per la Laurea in Ingegneria Edile-Architettura dell’Università di Brescia (docente prof. Olivia Longo).

Il corso ha costituito lo sviluppo del convegno tenuto sullo stesso tema nel maggio 2019, con riconoscimento di crediti formativi professionali per ingegneri e architetti, sempre all’Università di Brescia. Durante il corso c’è stato anche un saluto

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The Farma Valley (Southern Tuscany) Community Map

The Farma Valley Community Map was created by using as a base map the current Tuscan administration official base maps (1:10000 scale), interviewing the elders of the three villages (Torniella, Piloni, and Scalvaia), in order to document points of interest and other information which does not exist in the official maps, but is relevant for the locals.

The toponyms thus produced are also published on the Regione Toscana Open Data Portal.

Following a first data base created in 2015, the work saw a second round of activity during the 2016-2017 Winter. In 2017 the map is undergoing several integrations and additions.

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Please also refer to:

The article on the proceedings of the INVOLEN international conference on environmental education (Florence, Italy, Sep. 2015): Integrating Culture Environment and Open Innovation for Awareness Raising: a Case from the Farma Valley, Tuscany

and more posts from the blog: for more recent updates

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BuioMetria Partecipativa (participatory night sky monitoring)

(Since February 2008)

In 2008 I created and launched the  BuioMetria Partecipativa (BMP) project.

The project is a combination of awareness raising, participatory light pollution monitoring, and promotion of dark-sky areas.

It is primarily focused on Italy in terms of monitoring area, but operates on an international scale in terms of vision and relations.

The project includes a web-GIS for an interface for data upload, visualization, reporting, and download. The project also has a robust communication plan, including numerous outreach events in Italy and abroad.

The project has undergone several phases:

  • Feb. – May 2008: Idea and design (Giacomelli, Giubbilini, Delucchi)
  • Summer 2008 – Spring 2011: activities in a “non structured” mode (Giacomelli, Giubbilini, Delucchi)
  • Spring 2011 – end of 2012: continuation of the activity with the creation of as a managing organisation, and launch of the  CORDILIT network (fixed rather than hand-held sensors). (Giacomelli, Giubbilini, Costa, Lombardelli)
  • Early 2013 – end of 2016: in addition to the work under the hat, we were invited in the  Loss of the Night Network (ES-1204 Action of the EU COST programme), with the role of primary Management Committee member representing Italy. (Giacomelli, Spinosi, Pocci, Bartalucci)
  • Following the Farma Valley Winter Fest, the project enters a phase, currently under definition during Winter 2016-2017. This is currently referred to as “BuioMetria Partecipativa Reloaded”.
  • In May 2017 a memorandum of understanding was signed between (the NGO managing the non-profit part of the project) and the Institute of Biometeorology of the Italian Research Council. This follows a similar document signed with the University of Pisa at the end of 2015 (see article on the International Journal of Sustainable Lighting, Feb. ’17).
  • The main activity for 2018 was the organization and promotion (together with CNR IBIMET and University of Pisa) of a Symposium on protection and promotion of night sky, held on Capraia Island (Tuscany)
  • …check out the “News/blog” sections of and (generally maintained both in Italian and English)

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Farma Valley Winter Fest (Dec. 2016)

Three days of concerts, presentations about cultural and scientific topics, laid out between the Farma Valley (half way between Siena and Grosseto), and Grosseto city itself.

The event was in collaboration with the Band of Torniella, the Riflessi photo club in Grosseto and Etruschi from Lakota.

Numerous blog posts are available on the event, which also had relevant media exposure in Tuscany (with three quasi-complete pages on Il Tirreno, which is not bad for an extremely unlikely event).

All the documentation can be traced following the fdi-vdf tag for Italian articles, and fv-wf for English articles (but several articles are still to be translated…we encourage you to check the Italian version which has lots of visual content).

Loss of the Night Management Committe member

Jan. 2013 – Oct. 2016

As principal representative for Italy in the Management Committe of the Loss of the Night network I have

  • Actively attended the MC meetings
  • Given lectures in an international Summer School for lighting designers
  • Promoted and co-ordinated, together with CNR-IBIMET in Florence, an experimental campaign for night sky quality monitoring
  • Established collaborations with universities (Scuola Superiore di Mediazione Linguistica e Dept. of Biology in Pisa)
  • Undertaken outreach activities

The revision of the trekking network in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, Tuscany

In collaboration with IRIS Ambiente:


A presentation of the project for the Municipality of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, South of Pisa, concerning the revision of some 80 km of trekking network.

The project implied a series of GPS surveys, the creation of a GIS data set combining the survey with pre-existing cartography, update photographic documentation, and the creation of a maintenance plan highlighting priority actions and more long-term activities for the promotion of the network.

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