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A Summary of the First Italian Survey of Hand-made Crochet Hook Christmas Trees

Between Dec. 22, 2023 and Jan. 6, 2024, the network, in collaboration with those who will collaborate, and the endorsement of those who will endorse, organized the First Italian survey of hand-made crochet hook Christmas trees. This was under the art direction of Jennifer the psychedelic reindeer, and the notary Maurizio Ascalzone.

The survey was partly conducted in the so-called real world, and partly in the metà-verse and led to:

  • identify sixteen trees across the country
  • an improved satisfaction of the work groups which in the previous months were busy creating the trees
  • a full page of a newspaper, plus a citation on a national radio station
  • various kudos and congratulation e-mails
  • another thread of mails and messages questioning our mental sanity etc.

Geographic distribution of the trees

The header image gives and overview of the diffusion of hand-made crochet hook Christmas trees in Italy, based on the current survey. These are the localities involved:

  • Bagno di Gavorrano, Grosseto, Tuscany
  • Braccagni, Grosseto, Tuscany
  • Castell’Azzara, Grosseto, Tuscany
  • Cerreto di Montignoso, Massa, Tuscany
  • Montemassi, Grosseto, Tuscany
  • Oliveto Sabino, Rieti, Latium
  • Reggello, Florence, Tuscany
  • Roccatederighi, Grosseto, Tuscany
  • Rocchetta Tanaro, Asti, Piedmont
  • Ruscio, Perugia, Umbria
  • San Piero Patti, Messina, Sicily
  • Scansano, Grosseto, Tuscany
  • Tatti, Grosseto, Tuscany (indoor)
  • Torniella, Grosseto, Tuscany (outdoor and indoor)
  • Viterbo, Latium

To review the articles where these cases have been reported, please see: (in Italian).

Methodology Notes

As a survey methodology, intentional web searches have been excluded. On the other hand, unrelated web searches were accepted (e.g.: you look for news on how to comb a camel, and you find a related article about a crochet hook tree..this happened to Sara Landi from Il Tirreno in the case of Castell’Azzara).

In addition to trees made by stitching together crochet hook “tiles”, following a consultation with our notary, Maurizio Ascalzone, we decided to accept also report of trees made in any material, excluding plutonium bars, and subsequently decorated with crochet hook balls and similar hand-made artifacts.

A Zoom on Tuscany

A zoom on Tusccany, including the portion of Corsica which can be seen at sunset from Tatti (this is where we are writing from) and other places with a similar position, when the sky is very clear, like yesterday.

Even a blind man will see that there are more trees in Southern Tuscany than in other parts of the region. For this reason we are calling for the immediate creation of the first Hand-made crochet hook national park. We are also strongly advocating the declaration of the hand-made crochet hook Christmas tree as UNNESCO heritage (Note: this is with two N’s – it is an organization based in central Italy concerned about people who are not going out)

The correlation between the presence of the Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere and that of hand-made crochet hook Christmas trees is obvious.

We did not know that the territorial waters boundary was there.


  • There are different ways of spending time in the Christmas period.
  • Additional investigations are required to confirm the actual distribution of hand-made crochet hook Christmas trees in Italy, and other parts of the world.
  • It is possible that, by inviting the Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere to perform at a given location, a hand-made crochet hook Christmas tree will grow. Also this finding requires additional field tests.

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Jennifer the psychedelic reindeer, art directory of the survey

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Closing theme


We would like to thank all those who contributed by reporting trees, and/or promoting the survey. For the tree reports, more or less: Sonia, Cinzia, Luciano, Fabrizio, Sara, Eda, Gabriella, Giuseppe detto Milluzzo, Simona, Fausto.