Gran(i)Tour 2024

The Jug Band Colline Metallifere goes North with the 2024 GRAN(i)TOUR!

One of the articles about our 2023 Brezel Tour

After the “Geomusical Tour” in 2019 and the “Brezel Tour” in 2023, the “GRAN(i)TOUR” with the Jug Band Colline Metallifere in 2024 is all about grains (Grani in Italian). At the bottom of this page you will find more articles about the development of this project.

The reason for the tour comes from two invitations at festivals in farms commemorating Rudolf Steiner’s answer to the farmers exactly 100 years ago and that point further into our future.

Our band is a music collective from three countries and three generations, based in the Colline Metallifere, the metalliferous hills of Tuscany. We have been working together since 2018. About half of our repertoire consists of our own songs on contemporary topics, all based on folk, blues and rock, and we also play some of the classics in our own interpretation.

In addition to the music, our passions always play a role in our shows: environmental issues, stories about our land, anecdotes about agriculture, and more incredibly strange facts. We do have recorded material, but our strength is live performances, and “Musica&Territorio!” is our motto.

In the photo from left to right:

  • Simone Sandrucci – recording studio expert and music teacher, vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin
  • Wolfgang Scheibe – ex-typesetter with a small printing workshop, long-time biodynamic farmer consultant, one-string bass
  • Dario Canal – educator, songwriter, vocals, guitar, harmonica, washboard, percussion
  • Andrea Giacomelli (aka Jack O’Malley) – Environmental engineer, songwriter, vocals, guitar, percussion

(photo credits: Romina Zago)

The GRAN(i)TOUR 2024 will take us from Maremma to Trentino, Munich and the Black Forest, Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg and the Hohenlohe region. We will be on the road from June 14 to June 30, and then back to Tuscany for more Summer gigs.

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