The Jug Band Colline Metallifere Gran(i)Tour: how did it go?

Below you find some shots from the Jug Band Colline Metallifere. Between June 14 and June 29 we have moved from Southern Tuscany, Trentino, Munich, and various locations in Baden-Württemberg, proposing a series of concerts intertwined with the topic of grains, and more in general to interact on musica and relation between different territories.We have been at: La Foresta+Comun’orto Rovereto, Vits Cafe Munich, Tennental, Krone Alt Hoheneck (Ludwigsburg), Goldochsen Brauerei Spielbach, Huober Brezel Erdmannhausen, Tatty Stay and See Stuttgart, Beuerlbach-Crailsheim, Löwen Bartenstein, Clansman Ludwigsburg, Aalen Red Cross, in addition to a couple of street music gigs in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. This was around 2700 km and 14 events in 16 days, closing at Bagno Baratti (Tuscany) on June 29.

In addition to the hosting venues, we would like to thank: Max Herman and his Mindful Mona Lisa project, Dario Guidetti, Luca Delucchi. Special thanks to Samuel Huber for the assistance and multiple ideas emerged during the stay in Erdmannhausen.

Please remember that:

  • some tour T-shirts are still available (vedi articolo).
  • On Soundcloud and Youtube you can listen to six songs from our most recent set list.
  • Our next concerts with the Jug Band Colline Metallifere will be: July 10 in Pomarance (Pisa) and Aug. 22 in Tatti .
  • all Gran(i)tour-related articles since March 6, when we launched the project, are available on

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