Since 1994, across different Italian regions and internationally, we have developed a combination of technical, management and creative skills and have worked with an extremely diverse client base, as demonstrated by our project portfolio. In parallel, we have created a list of qualified suppliers and contractors, while personally providing quality control and project management: “pibinko” is in fact an adaptation from the Sardinian word pipinco. This was Andrea Giacomelli’s nickname on his first job, in Sardinia. It means “extremely meticulous”. This care for detail and precision has blended with extremely variable settings, so that for each project the priority is to find together with our clients the best balance between quality, available resources, schedule, context, and expectations. Summing it all up, we can propose…

Events and experiences

We have been creating, planning and managing events since 2007, with over 150 of these. Attendance ranging from 3 to 250 people and duration from teatime meetings to multiple-day festivals, from one-day excursions to multiple-month campaigns and residencies. Various of these initiatives have obtained international visibility and awards. See


Musician and scientific director for the Jug Band Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills Jug Band), an arts+science collective combining music and education (including educational credits) on environmental issues.

Interesting Locations

Farm houses, vacation homes, resorts, “farm campings”, castles), offering options from vacation, to venues for workshops, and studies, including research sites for many disciplines. We start from family properties in hamlets in Southern Tuscany (Tatti, Torniella, Roccatederighi, Scansano), and collaborations with facilities both in lesser known parts of Tuscany and Sardinia, and in more renown areas, such as Milan, Alghero, or Florence.


I have an in-depth knowledge of the Grosseto province and its bordering areas (most of South-Western Tuscany). I also work in other parts of this region, and have contacts in most other Italian territories, especially Lombardy and Sardinia. In these regions I can propose itineraries with various means of transportation, typically combining famous sites and attractions with situations and characters known to very few people. Furthermore, since 2016 we have helped to re-design trail systems on approximately 30% of Tuscany.

Mouthwatering stuff

In addition to producing olive oil from our family properties in the areas of Scansano and Gavorrano in Tuscany, we have contacts with small but high-quality producers in Tuscany. These typically family-run businesses provide wine, olive oil, honey, fruit and vegetables, cheese, game, jam, in-oil vegetables, saffron, chestnuts, and mushrooms. We also have connections to producers from other regions of Italy and abroad.

Maps, websites and databases

Support in all phases of the life cycle of information systems, especially for mapping applications, with tens of projects followed since 1994 in various fields (environment, tourism, utilitiy surveys, water resources). See

Environmental engineering and land planning

Support in planning and execution of environmental projects, from old small family asbestos tanks, to being part of the design team for the largest phytoremediation plant in Europe (100 hectares), managing utility surveys in petrochemical plants, or helping to design the remediation of landfills with tens of millions of cubic metres of contaminated soil.

Translations and language-related services

Thanks to three years of primary school in the UK and working daily in English since 1993 I have a very good command of this language, and can provide translations (especially for geoscience and information technology topics), transcriptions, and proofreading services. Since 2016 I have also been working as a reviewer and quality controller.

Production of photo sets and videos (including providing ideas and scripting).

Promotion, communication, facilitation

This happens via a mailing list of about 10000 addresses, most of which acquired via personal contacts, numerous media contacts which covered our past projects, and various social networks and digital communities.

Consulting, training, and mentoring

Consulting services for all aspects of the above listed activities, or for other third-party activities, with a peculiar care for organizational, logistic, time management and staff training and motivation aspects.

We can offer training (in Italian, English, and French) on the topics related to our core professional skills.