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Documenting “The end of Summer”

Between Oct. 23 and 28 we ended up meeting quite a few times Jean-Baptiste de Brabander, a young French film maker. Jean-Baptiste is working on an ambitious documentary, with the intent of portraying the four seasons in Italy. The documentary is being shot entirely on film and is called “La fin de l’été” (The end of Summer).

Following a pattern which is not new in the network, we happened to interact wearing different hats, and shared multiple moments with Jean-Baptiste. We are now very curious of seeing the final product, even though a bit more time will be needed. In fact, Winter still has to be filmed, and editing will follow. In the meantime, we liked the idea of “documenting the documentary maker”, with our best wishes for the continuation of his project.

In the sequence below you can see him in Follonica, during the shooting of “Abramo” versione Jug Band Colline Metallifere, together with Klaus der Geiger; in the Farma Valley with Mario Straccali from Torniella and Andrea Giacomelli to cover (on Anna Giacomelli’s property) some chestnut harvesting, at the Boscaiolo restaurant in Torniella to elaborate on Autumn and these territories, and at the Ixtlan agricamping in Tatti, after a take on the genesis of the Farma Valley Winter Fest. In the header image, the director at work to plot his north-bound route using some of the nodes as beacons.

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A Northern Macedonia evening at Il Boscaiolo, Torniella, Southern Tuscany, June 21, 2020: How did it go?

The first event of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere conce[r|p]t season was a great success. On this round we had a “concept”. The topic was the cultural twinning of the forest areas in the boundary area between Grosseto and Siena in Southern Tuscany, and the Republic of North Macedonia del Nord. You may find a presentation of the event in this article.

The animators for the evening were Ferit Idrizovski and his son, Mujadin. They are originally from Crn Vrv, about 80 km South of Skopje, but have been residing in Italy now for over twenty years. Their goal was to tell people about their country, in the context of a set arranged by Jack O’Malley with objects somewhat related to the topic. Below are some shots of the event.

For more information, and booking: or +393317539228

Three little birds in Scalvaia, the village on the North side of the Farma Valley, facing Torniella (see also Three Little Birds May 2019 version), just before the event.
The site looking East entering Torniella from the South, along via Senese (the former Siena/Arezzo state road). On the horizon you can detect Monte Amiata, the highest peak in Southern Tuscany. The availability of power and communication lines is abuundant in this territory, making it ideal for the development of production and industrial facilities (to be designed accounting for B.A.T.’s, Best Available Technologies).
Mauro Tirannosauro is encouraging folks passing by to join the event, with just a few slots available at Il Boscaiolo, assisted by Debora.
Arrivati Ferit e Mujadin, e conosciuto Amos, che andò in missione nel Nord Macedonia del 2003, non si sta “a pettinare le bambole”. Partono subito con un video sul territorio di Crn Vrv, e memorie d’antan.
Meanwhile the other symposium participants have arrived. From Gollonica (FR), the Lawrences-Goodwhos family, collaborating with Mauro Tirannosauro, and others.
Peter “Raman” Crivelli wrote a ballad about macedonia as the fruit salad (in Italian it is the same word), called “kiwi always fits in”
Ferit gets at the height of his outreach exercise with videos of weddings from Northern Macedonia, first from his phone….
…and more with Mujadin, on Jack O’ Malley’s PC.
While on the centre court folks are debating about territories and jobs, Mauro Tirannosauro and Telly Lawrences meet with other friends who took part in the making of the video on Mauro on the rampage in Gollonica (FR), produced at the end of May (see the video)

Do you feel more like a scientician or a politicist?

Please provide answers to by September 3, 2020.

[In the header image: who is the scientist and who is the politician? and, most of all, who owns the monocycle?]

Here is a new con(-)test by to start your “phase 3” (if you are in Italy…we re-open today, June 3, 2020).

Over the past fifteen years I had to deal in various ways as a scientist/technologist supporting policies and policy makers (see this page for references). In time I realized that things work reasonably well if roles are clear, and if people taking up different roles are self-aware and aware of what others are doing. A bit like in most aspects of life and business.

In the case of the relation between science and politics, to date my understanding is that science needs politics in order to have goals which are related to actual needs, while politics needs science to give substance to its ideas (or ideals). So far, so good.

Is this image taken from a scientific article or from some campaign?

In parallel, there are cases where you may find politicians who start acting as technical folks (possibly because they were doing technical work before politics…it is difficult that a real politician will want to become a scientist). More often, we see cases of scientists who want to become politicians. This is not a bad thing per se: approaching new challenges and walking out of comfort zones are always good things to do, if this doesn’t happen at the expense of others.

Chi dei due è lo scienziato, e chi il politico?

If you are a politician who started to do scientific work, or if you are a scientist who decided to start doing politics (e.g. collecting signatures for petitions, contacting local, national or “above-national” politicians, running for some election, etc.), please write to , and we will draw a picture from these stories.

It may be that you have become a “politicist” or a “scientician”. These are interdisciplinary profiles which are important in an ever-more-complex world, and in this case we should talk. Or, it may be that you are not making the best use of your time, and of resources on which you can authorize expenses, and also in this case we should talk.

who is the scientist, and who is the politician?

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TBT / TBM. To be translated

Mauro Tirannosauro si è unito da poco alla rete e sta suggerendo prospettive inedite per la Fase Bue, su cui si sta documentando. Per esempio, diceva che, anche se ci saranno alcune opzioni in più, sarà importante restare il più possibile a Cosa, e ha lanciato lo hashtag corrispondente. Perplessità sull’uso del camelcase…comunque: si prevede un’escalation di tesi di archeologia nella sessione invernale di lauree di quest’anno. Intanto Mauro T è al lavoro con altre analisi. Estote parati.

Commenti e booking:

P.E.L.P. ep. 5: Naming the first stones, lots of music, and teenage Mauro

While the preparation of the milestone event for our little participatory lithology exercise [1] is under way…. is flowing, both in the form of our Lithobags, and thanks to Pietro “Raman” Crivelli from Piloni (Southern Tuscany). Peter is sending us before sunset either a song or a painting (e does both), asking to republish them and spread around to wish the universe a good night (see this link). Then:

20.4.2007, Scalvaia (SI)

Monday 20:

Tuesday 21:

JBCM in Ludwigsburg, Germany (June 1, 2019)
  • The Jug Band Colline Metallifere published its first track on (see article).
  • The Jug Band Colline Metallifere was invited to do something at a May 1st celebration event. More details will follow.
  • 13th anniversary fo the first fundraiser for the palla a 21 to Chicago mission. In Scalvaia. i finanziamento della missione della palla a 21 a Chicago. A Scalvaia. More photos found on another external HDD (just kidding…it was the same one). Yet more memories emerge, for those who were there, and yet more incredibly strange characters appear, for those who were not there: see article, with the same note as above for non-Italian-reading folks.

Thursday 23: In the vault of New York’s Natural History Museum a portrait of teenage Mauro Tirannosauro was found. The shot is just after he had is first scooter. You can tell from the light in his eyes…this was around 70 million years ago: see the article. The portrait is also on sale by Tattistampa (same link)…Ben Stiller ordered ten copies.

Friday 24: The Participatory Lithology interactive map is online, thanks to Francesco Marucci:

To receive directly the weekly-or-so newsletter on Participatory Lithology, plus other initiatives by the network + Jug Band Colline Metallifere, please write to asking to be added to the mailing list.

International Lark Ski Association

Welcome to the home page of the International Lark Ski Association (ILSA). The association was created to promote and protect the discipline of skiing with larks around the world.

We are in the process of transferring contents from our old web site (now off-line) to the network web site.

In the meantime, for more information about ILSA, its activities, how to join, etc., please write to specifying ILSA in subject of your message (together with any other information you would like to convey).

Header photo from Wikipedia.

Participatory Lithology: the map as of Apr. 8, 2020

[recommended soundtrack for this post: I have some rocks by Mauro the T-Rex]

We are not in a race, nor have we area manager KPIs to monitor, but it is interesting to share a first map showing where collectors, classifiers, entertainers, and sponsors are operating for Participatory Lithology. This is a project we started on March 21 from Southern Tuscany with the network and the Jug Band Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills Jug Band).

Right now it is not so relevant to expose the differentiation of participant roles. We can say that there are about 30 folks spread across seven Italian regions. For more information and booking:

If you don’t know who is the character in the background, please follow this link.