A representative from the Jug Band Colline Metallifere at the ECSA Conference in Vienna: How did it go?

Jack O’Malley (maybe?) at the end of the 2023/2024 Winter.

We announced in early January that a delegation from the Jug Band Colline Metallifere (namely Jack O’Malley and Mauro Tirannosauro) would have been attending the fifth European Citizen Science Association conference.

This is a medium-large event for a congress (around 500 participants), with a significant presence of extra-European folks. The topic is “citizen science”, where any citizen can become an active component of a research team, interact with professional researchers (especially in data collection) and help improve how society addresses some of its challenges with such an approach.

With the pibinko.org network we work in this domain since 2008. Our flagship projects are the buiometria partecipativa on light pollution project and our community maps, so we were curious of interacting with other projects on a global scale. In the meantime, together with parts of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, we brought parts of our stories, including some wheat ears selected by Wolfgang Scheibe in the context of his rural regeneration projects in Southern Tuscany. Putting together these ingredients, and Mauro Tirannosauro in great shape, we had the possibility of presenting to a wider audience our upcoming Gran(i)Tour. In addition, we provided a little sample of our live entertainment at a workshop on citizen science and rural communities.

The initial idea for our presence in the workshop was to propose some songs from our “music and territory” repertoire. These were to be from our Italian songs, since listening to Italian is interesting for many non-Italian listeners, with the idea of showing the translation of the lyrics on screen. As the workshop was progressing, we agreed with the organizers that it would have not been immediate to make this work. At that point, Jack O’Malley sat down and in twenty minutes he wrote an English version of “Livin’ Milano” (the first of the JBCM songs about the relationship between city and countryside), adapting it to the workshop setting (but please also check out the original version). A few more acts followed.

We are now heading South, back toward the Tuscan latitudes. Thanks again to the Empowerment, Inclusiveness, and Equity ECSA working group for co-funding this mission, together with some of our JBCM viennese fan base.

Below, a few shots from the event, as well as some of the m(‘)appare Vienna survey by pibinko. For more information and booking: micalosapevo@pibinko.org or +393317539228.