Colline Metallifere “Jug Trading”

With the mapping and surveying activities that we conduct since 2007, we will occasionally stop to eat and drink something. Considering that we are primarily focused on lesser-known territories, we tend to taste products from lesser-known producers.

We occasionally buy some of these products, and bring them to friends and colleagues to taste. Since they liked them, we thought that you might like them too, and this brought to launch the “Jug Trading dalle Colline Metallifere” project as a spin-off of our Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere music & territory outreach combo.

How are the producers chosen

First of all, do not be mislead by the “Colline Metallifere” in the name. We do not propose just products from the Metalliferous Hills in Southern Tuscany.

A second aspect in our producer selection process, is that they share the activities which we propose as a network or as a band.

In practice, should you visit one of these producers (either to taste their products or to stay in their premises, in case of farm tourism), you will find other people who took part in our community mapping exercises, who have been monitoring night sky quality, who played with us or who made us play. Ultimately: there are people who are affine to the network or to the Jug Band Colline Metallifere.

In addition to yummy products, in the network you will also find interesting recipes (see this link in Italian) and more hints about people and places.

Payments and prices

  • For each producer you have a link to their catalog and retail prices. Wholesale options are also available offline.
  • All prices exclude packaging and shipping (please also see “delivery options”)
  • All payments are made to the producers.

Delivery options

Unless you have the possibility of collecting the products yourself when you visit the producers, there are two options for delivery.

For moderate quantities, the recommended delivery option is that these are brought to you by someone from the network. Since we tend to travel quite a bit, we might be passing by your place soon, and play you a song while we bring you your products. As an alternative, the products can be handled by traditional shipping/delivery services.

In both cases, you will receive through the network a quote for packaging and delivery costs, if necessary.

For more information and orders or +39317539228

The producers

The list is being gradually updated. All producers As of December 2023 the listings are in Italian (we are working on the translations!).

Azienda Agricola Bartoli (Pian d’Alma, Scarlino GR) Wine, juices, creams, in-oil and in-vinegar vegetables

Azienda Agricola I Cipressi (Capannoli, PI) – “Tre Cani Rossi” Wine

Giada Giuliani – Paintings and drawings

Azienda Agricola Ixtlan (Tatti, GR) – various products (and an agricamping)