May 21, 2024: The Jug Band Colline Metallivere on TV9

Between 4 and 5.2PM on May 21 we will be hosted on TV9 in the #221 show. We will be proposing a few songs and giving some news about the upcoming Gran(i)tour.

In addition to Digitale Terrestre in Tuscany, it is possible to follow the show via web streaming on:

Max Herman’s work

Max Herman is a writer and artist with degrees in English literature and information technology, based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, USA, where he was born and raised and attended public schools.  He has created a variety of on and off-line works in multiple media and genres. 

The Mindful Mona Lisa   

The Mindful Mona Lisa project centers on the blog of the same name by Max Herman, hosted by the MIT Press’ Leonardo journal at since May of
2020.  It discusses a very wide range of topics, including the Covid-19 pandemic, sustainability, literary theory, art history, networks, the history of science, and their various philosophical and cultural interconnections, all through the lens of a novel hypothesis regarding the art and writing of Leonardo. 

This is the “bridge-garment-experience hypothesis,” strongly influenced by Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium (or Lezioni Americane), and it proposes for the first time in published scholarship that La Gioconda may be an allegorical portrait of “Esperienza,” the Italian word for both experience and experiment, which Leonardo personified in his writings as “the common mother of all the sciences and arts,” “the interpreter between humans and nature,” and “the one true maestra,” pledging himself her “disciple” and vowing “as maestra, to acknowledge her, and in all cases cite her as evidence.” 

Explanatory essays for each blog post and other supporting materials are available from this link: (15 Mb, 797 pages).

Other works

Additional works by Mr. Herman currently available online are and Other past and recent works including Wrong Bienniale, Calzona Museum, and more, are available upon request to the author. 


Max Herman is one of the sponsors for the Jug Band Colline Metallifere 2024 Gran(i)Tour. You may see more articles about Max Herman’s works from


Apr. 29, 2024 – The Gran(i)Tour featured by “Poveri ma Belli” (Radio Popolare Milano)

To present the Jug Band Colline Metallifere Gran(i)Tour and to invite people to help us with the “farm to fork” participatory mapping exercise… [in italian]

Order now your Gran(i)Tour 2024 T-shirt!

The Gran(i)Tour schedule as of Apr. 24

Also Mauro Tirannosauro has verified: the first batch of T-shirts is ready, so we can start their distribution to support the 2024 Jug Band Colline Metallifere Gran(i)Tour.

What is the peculiarity of this apparel? All drawings and all of the printing process is made by hand, just like Gutenberg!

To order your T-shirt please write to or +393317539228, indicating the number of shirts per size. The cost of one T-shirt is 20 Euro, plus shipping. In general, we like the idea of delivering our products personally, or that we can give them to you directly at one of our events, but this is not always possible, so shipping is an option!

For more details about the Gran(i)Tour:

Ixtlan Agricamping in Tatti, Southern Tuscany, is open and waiting for you!

Our friends from Agricamping Ixtlan in Tatti, Southern Tuscany, told us the the camping is now ready to receive guests. In addition to the camping, we remind you of the products from their farming activity, in addition to various situations which you may experience in this hamlet in the Metalliferous hills.

For more information:…and don’t forget that this year we have the Tatti Twist!

Vedi mappa ingrandita

In Selvena, Southern Tuscany, a Meeting of the Estover Administrations after Twenty Years

On April 20, in Selvena, on the Amiata mountain area in Southern Tuscany, there has been a meeting of the Estover (Usi Civici, in Italian) administrations for commons in the province of Grosseto. If you are not aware of Estovers, please see

The meeting was the opportunity, after many years without this type of gathering. for an overview on this type of institution in the area of Grosseto, considering technical aspects, issues, and opportunities.

From Tatti we had the possibility of summarizing some of our experiences in the field of community mapping, as well as documentation and promotion of lesser known aspects of our territories. We hope that these ideas of interest also for other administrators.

The meeting was attended by around fifty people overall, and the day was closed with the plan to schedule another meeting soon, so as to continue along a common path.

In the map below, the locations were “Usi Civici” exist in the Grosseto area (please note that the point refer to the main location, and not to the areal extension of the interested land).

For more information: or +393317539228.

The Gran(i)Tour T-shirt pre-orders are open

Today Dario (Canal) and Wolfgang (Scheibe) are at work in the Tattistampa shop, for the hand-made printing of the first batch of T-shirts for the upcoming Jug Band Colline Metallifere Gran(i)Tour between Tuscany, Trentino, and Germany, from June 14 to June 29.

It is possible to pre-order your T-shirt writing to or +393317539228, indicating the size and the number of T-shirts per size. The cost of one T-shirt is 20 Euro, plus shipping, if required.

As you can see from the header image, the subject of the shirts is kept as a mistery for now, but you can review the shirts from the last years: