Last update: June 18, 2019


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1 – Ludwigsburg and Vaihingen-Enz (Germany) – – Jug Band Colline Metallifere live

2 – Stuttgart and Oberrot (Germany) – – Jug Band Colline Metallifere live

14 – Rab (Croatia) presentation by BuioMetria Partecipativa at the first Croatian conference on light pollution

25 – Follonica (GR) – talk by pibinko at the Meet Music national workshop (the workshop is also on June 26 and 27)

27-30 – TBA on BuioMetria


16 – Milano – BuioMetria Partecipativa event – details TBA

20-21 Tirli, Palla eh! Tournament

24-31 BuioMetria stuff (TBA)

27-28, Scalvaia, Palla a 21 Tournament


3-4 Ciciano, Palla eh! Tournament

10-11 Torniella, Palla a 21 Tournament

17-18 Piloni, Palla a 21 Tournament

24-25 Vetulonia, Palla eh! Tournamento


24-27 Florence TBA