Open Data

Open Data for the network are (typically digital) data made available under an open license. They are the perfect partners of Free/open source software to provide “open products” and “open services”. They are best acknowledged and used by “open people“.

The mantra: “free/open source software” or “data under a free/open license” does not mean services or consulting provided based on them not requiring a value exchange (some like to recall that “free” in this context is referred to freedom and not to, e.g. free beer).

Is this a free/open space? (Southern Tuscany, 2016)

Writing this page in January 2022, and having started to use free/open source software in 1994, and open data shortly after that, I am realizing that the ambiguity on “free” is generated by English language, since most other languages we deal with in the network use two different words (e.g. libero vs. gratuito, libre vs. gratuit, frei vs. kostenlos, etc.). This leads me to think that, had “free software” been conceived in a non-English speaking country, the free/open source and open data market might have been a bit more mature that it is at the time of writing, considering the amount of energy required by humanity to explain (or to understand, depending on which side of the game you play) the concept.

In the header picture: Simon Littlesaunders and Darius Canal watching a tutorial on free/open people in Milan, Italy, during the Dec. 2021 geotour

Give us our daily PNRR – 10

Over the past couple of months we have been lagging in the translation of our posts into English, for two reasons: (1) we were very busy with the “geotour” and (2) our call for translators, issued on Nov. 27, has not yet yielded valid candidates. So, pending a couple of quiet days for Jack O’Malley to catch up with the “transcreation” of pibinko’s articles (or vice versa), we simply decide to give priority to specific content, like today.

After the publication, yesterday, of the “Rosetta stone” version of the Live Motel show with the Jug Band Colline Metallifere (vedi link), it is not possible to be indifferent, for the folks who, in the years, have been following the stories leading to that performances.

But, since most of you did not follow them, or if you followed you might have been mildly distracted, what can we do? We can play Caparezzah! …and do it all over again. For more information: oppure whatsapp 3317539228

PS the call for translators is here:

Vorrei che i pidocchi abitassero la testa di Branduardi, | I would like lice to live in Branduardi’s head
giocare a Tomb Raider insieme a Finardi, | to play Tomb Raider with Finardi
uscire solo con la Cinquetti e tornare tardi, | go out with Gigliola Cinquetti and be back late
vorrei sapere la mia lingua meno di Biscardi, | I would like to know my language less than Biscardi
criticare sgorbi disegnati da Sgarbi, | To criticize scrawls made by Sgarbi
mettere peli sotto le ascelle di Barbie, | To put hair under Barbie’s armpits
sapere che Wilma se la fa con Barnie, | to know that Wilma has an affair with Barnie
che di nascosto Red Ronnie s’abbuffa di carni, | that Red Ronnie is secretly binging on meat
fermi, vorrei accendere la radio e sintonizzarmi su Jannacci che ammette che é astemio, | hold it, I would like to turn on my radio and tune on Jannacci admitting that he doesn’t drink
vorrei stare al Music Awards, vincere un premio, | I would like to be at the Music Awards, win a prize
Micheal Jackson dice “Capa sei un genio”, | Michael Jackson saying “Capa you’re a genius”
vorrei che il mitico Leonardo Di Caprio facesse film solo quando Vasco é sobrio, | I would like that the great Leonardo Di Caprio made films only when Vasco is sober
io vorrei che i Backstreet Boys fossero gay, | I would like the Backstreet Boys to be gay
che le teenager amassero Casadei. | That teenagers loved Casadei

Tutto ciò che c’é c’é già. | All that exists exists
Allora nei miei pezzi che si fa? | So what can we do in my songs?
Renderò possibile l’impossibile | I will make the impossible possible
fino a rendere possibile la realtà. | Until reality is made possible

Vorrei che Naomi Campbell senza bikini | I would like that a topless Naomi Campbell
facesse il filo a Ceccherini, | had a crush for Ceccherini
che invece vuole fuggire con la Nannini | who, on the contrary, wants to run away with [Gianna] Nannini
nella discoteca dove spingono Masini, | in the disco club where they are pushing [Marco] Masini
Cristina D’Avena faccia dodici bambini | that Cristina d’Avena had twelve babies
che fanno cacca che si attacca ai pannolini, | doing their poo sticking on their diapers
poi la vedi al bar che ci dà col Martini, | and then you see her at the bar drinking lots of Martini
s’ingozza con gli alcolici, duetta con i Prodigy, | getting stoned with alcohol, and making duets with the Prodigy

vorrei alzare calici come un prete perfetto, | I would like to raise cups like a perfect priest
Marilyn Manson mi farà da chierichetto, | with Marilyn Manson as my altar boy
vorrei che la Marini fosse senza culetto, | that [Valeria] Marini had no ass
che mi mostrasse il suo Do di petto, | that she showed me her chest voice
aspetto che nasca Capa Rezza junior, | waiting for Capa Rezza junior to be born
Martufello? Il massimo dello humor, | Martuffello? he’s maximum humour
Shaquille O’Neale che fa l’amore in Mini Minor, | Shaquille O’Neale make love in a Mini
Casadei, dove sei? | Casadei, where are you?

I want you freedom!

Tutto ciò che c’é c’é già.
Allora nei miei pezzi che si fa?
Renderò possibile l’impossibile fino a rendere possibile la realtà.

Andrea Giacomelli (pibinko) is one of the first stakeholders of the ROSiE project

Andrea Giacomelli (aka pibinko) was invited to be part of the stakeholder group of the ROSiE project. This project is aimed at fostering responsibile open science in Europe. If you are not in the research arena, this might sound a bit cryptic…but you may check out this introduction to to have an idea on what the project wants to help.

So why does Andrea Giacomelli aka pibinko aka Jack O’Malley end up in a pool of experts on this topic? Here is a copy of the presentation you find on

Freelance researcher with 27 years of experience, based in Southern Tuscany and operating internationally. With an MS in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Hydrology, both from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, he has an extensive experience in institutional research programmes, especially within European Union Funded activities. In these projects, as well as in corporate consulting, he has worked as a Geographic Information Systems expert. He also has experience in policy support activities from local to global scales, including being the facilitator of one of the working groups for the data specifications of the INSPIRE Directive, and being part of a pool of experts involved in the definition of priorities for research in initiatives such as the Digital Earth, and other high-level stakeholder groups. Since 2006 he started developing an independent line of activity, creating a bottom-up network of citizens (the network) involved in projects for the promotion and protection of lesser known assets in the fields of culture, environment, and open innovation. This has led to results in the relations between research and society which, albeit on a small scale, have been disruptive for the actors involved. For example, through the BuioMetria Partecipativa project, an initiative for awareness raising and citizen science for night sky quality protection, there have been two national research institutions starting activities on the same topic, with the citizen group acting as a scientific advisor to the research bodies, or to an Erasmus student visiting a rural area in Southern Tuscany, with a direct connection of a foreign university to a local community in Italy (without an Italian research institution involved). Since 2019 he is a member of the “Empowerment, Inclusiveness, and Equality” working group of the European Citizen Science Association. With his combination of activities on one side with a “researcher hat”, and on the other side as a “citizen interacting with researchers”, he has gained a significant track record of cases where research ethics issues are in play. His current flagship project in the area of stakeholder engagement and facilitation is a rock-blues collective, the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, with which he provides events in a format combining scientific outreach and genuine musical entertainment.

Stakeholder activities within the ROSiE project will start at the beginning of next year, but in the meantime we are getting ready. For more information and booking: oppure whatsapp 3317539228

Call for translators for the network (and the Jug Band Colline Metallifere)

The network has been active for 15 years in the protection and promotion of lesser-known assets in the fields of culture, environment, and open innovation. We are interested to receive expression of interests to collaborate as translators for our network.

Since 2010, the website is maintained in Italian and English. Since Spring 2019 we also have the Jug Band Colline Metallifere website (, which was designed to be in Italian, English, and German. Overall, as of November 2021 we have around 2500 blog posts and over fifty pages, which are related to some 2000 files of multimedia content (not counting external links).

We do our best to keep all the language versions in sync, but -depending on the effort required by our various projects- we cannot always ensure that the non-Italian versions of the sites are up to date.

Furthermore, in the context of our mission, we are interested to have material in as many languages as possibile. In this respect, our flagship initiative to date has been the “Revenge of the Killer Chiuhuahua and of the Zombies” movie. In this case we managed to have the translation of the title in over twenty languages, dialects, and scripts (including Egyptian hyeroglyph), without using internet (see this blog post).

This said: if you like this context and are interest to collaborate with the network, please send an email to, indicating:

  • which languages you can use. Our current priorities are Italian to English, and Italian or English to German, but feel free to indicate other language combinations.
  • your motivations to collaborate
  • what type of compensation you would like to have (to date we have been dealing with: mondey, goods or services, educational credits, etc.

This call will be open until further notice.