The Crowdfunding for Tom Newton’s First Album is on

The crowdfunding for Tom Newton’s first album started today.

To be part of this venture, please read the page with the available options on the “Produzioni dal Basso” website (in the page you will find explanations in English and Italian)

To check out why we like to promote this story, please see references to Tom Newton on the website since 2017:

Go Tom, go!

Participatory Lithology selected as one of the finalists for the 2020 Falling Walls Engage contest

The Participatory Lithology project was selected for evaluation in the final phase of the “Falling Walls Engage” contest. This is an initiative launched in 2009 in Berlin, Germany, to celebrate scientific progress and innovation as elements for “breaking walls” and to increase public engagement in scientific activities.

This is the video presenting our work in the Falling Walls context:

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