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Naples 2019: Going Back

Enoteca Trocchia, in via Milano, in 2019

After the first mission to Naples (Dec. 30, 2006-Jan. 2, 2007 – see this video), pibinko decided to go back at the very beginning of 2019 (the departure from Tuscany was with a night train from Grosseto around 2AM on Jan 1).

The mission ended on Jan. 3, 2019, and for this reason we are publishing a selection of shots today.

Rainbow olives

This is an ancient variety of olives, growing in Valdera, South-East of Pisa, Tuscany. It grows from olive trees where the rainbow has passed by at least twice in eighteen years, in even days of the week, combined with the unique characteristics of the soil in this area. Some of these plants are in the I Cipressi farm.

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