1st National Survey of Hand-made Crochet-hook Christmas Trees

In the pibinko.org network this has been a hot topic for some time. After one of the national TV news made a report about this, we could no longer wait. Before some supposedly independent production company started the next hypo-lobotomizing reality show, we considered sharing some hints for some DIY territorial survey.

We noted in Italy that this year there is a mild proliferation of christmas trees which are (1) home-made (2) decorated with crochet-hook works.

We have actually found a few along the Via della Citta Brusca (the link goes to Italian), one of our metà-verse trails. One in Scansano, right in the middle of the Garibaldi square, and one in Torniella. These are places in Souther Tuscany.

We also had a message indicating that another similar tree was covered on national television. If two clues make one piece of evidence, three clues clearly indicate that the time of old-style Christmas trees is closing, while the era of self-made trees is dawning. This has the up-side that knitting and crochet hook are calling for experts with a rather high age, so they can maintain a role in today’s world. This is very, very important.

If you would like to let us know about any hand-made tree, especially with crochet hook works, please write, together with a significant photo, to micalosapevo@pibinko.org, or +393317539228.

The survey will close on January 6, 2024 and the results of the survey will be subsequently published on this site.