The Metalliferous Hills Jug Band during the “Live and vynils Night” in Torniella, Tuscany

sabato 5/1/2019 a Torniella (GR) con:

  • Peter Crivelli, guitars and vocals
  • Wolfgang Scheibe, one-string bass
  • Dario Canal, lead vocals, guitar, washboard
  • Jack O’Malley, drums, guitar, vocals
  • Simone Sandrucci, guitars, vocals
  • Fabiano Spinosi, drums
  • Peter Marini (guitars and vocals in “Noi non siamo figli” and “Sognando il Vaticano”, then transforming into Pyro DJ with his vynils for the after show.

Informazioni sulla Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere a questa pagina o all’indirizzo

versione 1 (Dario Canal a chitarra e voce)
Versione 2 (Jack O’Malley chitarra e voce, Fabian Spines alla batteria)

Audience response (probably during the “Voodo Chile” cover).

Photos by Sonia Masini.