See and Sardinia: Season 1

Some place between Suni and The Void (circa 2001)

Season 1 of the “See and Sardinia” series is on the air (mostly on the ground, and partially at sea) since January 9, 2017.

Three Government Mules in a Capo Marrargiu (one is shooting the picture) – circa 2000

The Story:

A band of musician-scientists heads from a part of Italy which is among the most beautiful outside and inside (but is perceived just as beautiful outside from the non-residents): Southern Tuscany.

The bands wants to discover another of the beautiful-inside-and-out parts of Italy, i.e. Sardinia.

During the journey, the band will be living through a cocktail of travel, survey, night sky quality monitoring, music, cultural mediation, cooking, open innovation and -occasionally but at regular intervals- sleep.

This is not a trip…it’s a tip, or a tap on your shoulder, when you turn around and nobody’s there: all the participants know Sardinia, one way for another.

But only with “See and Sardinia” the band will acknowledge with their Cartesian half what they already knew with their James Brown half: not all are concerned with Sardinia, but Sardinia is concerned about all of us (quote.).

To see trailers of the episodes, follow the SEE&S tag on, or check out the single episode trailers:

  1.  R[a|u]mble on (Jan. 9 and 10)

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The Hungry March Band at the Cagliari Poetto (July 2005)