PANELFIT Project Workshop

On May 22 I was invited as an expert in Brussels for a workshop of the PANELFIT (Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT) project.

Should it sound strange that a geomatic hydrologist and drummer is called to work in this type of setting, it may help recalling that since 2000 I have been dealing periodically with personal data protection issues, either by creating and managing user surveys, running citizen science campaigns, and so forth. Summing these experiences, the project team assessed that I could provide useful inputs to their work

Here are some points of interest deriving from the network, which were included in the notes from the working groups

  • Attribution and identity as core values,
  • Citizen-based communities as additional subjects to be considered in parallel with other stakeholders, especially in relation to balancing technological priorities with social priorities.
  • As a peculiar proposal, the need to explicitly account for a relationship between urban and rural areas in the process of shaping research ethics instruments, e.g. by fostering (and sustaining) mobility of experts and legislators to rural areas during their work.

A report with the recommendations of the work will be issued in the coming months.

I thank the PANELFIT project (HORIZON 2020, N. 788039) for this opportunity. For more information

Outlined in green boxes, the items which I proposed based on the experiences (open the image to full size to read better).
This was the summary from the three different working groups. “Legislator mobility” and the “rural-cities” relationship are in among the instruments proposed by and acknowledged by the working group.