Let’s reschedule elections in the EU (and in over 3800 Italian municipalities) for SOD19

The digital community known as “Spaghetti Open Data” (also identified as SOD) gathers with a mailing list several hundreds of Italian experts and activists who care about the promotion and the value chain of Open Data (“dati aperti”) in Italy, to the benefit of citizens, administrations, and enterprises.

Over the past years the community has added to a lot of online debate also physical gatherings, which have their paramount event in a three-day meet up. This has been held in the past in Bologna, Trento, and Palermo, and is scheduled for this year for May 24-25-26 in Milano. These dates happen to overlap with the elections for the European parliament, plus administrative voting for over 3800 municipalities in Italy (almost 50% of the country, by number of entities), thus impacting the grand finale of the SOD event.

The most obvious solution is to reschedule the date of these elections.

If in Pisa we have a leaning tower, and it is possible to walk on a rainbow, possibly this feat is not out of our reach, and you too can support it. Select your preferred date for the election from this doodle poll:


The dates which you will find in the above link have been proposed by a panel of experts in election dates, coordinated by Rocco Colangelo from the pibinko.org network (active since 1994 in the use and promotion of free and open software, data, and funky music).

As a second option, there is a possibility of considering for the May 26 agenda of SOD19 session dedicated to open data for the stateless.

Contacts: info@pibinko.org