End of the September 2015 tour

The September tour, opened with the preview in Ribolla, Southern Tuscany, and contined with the dates in Milano (Parco Nord Biodiversity Festival) and Athens (Balkan Light Conference), was closed in Florence with a presentation I had on September 25 2015-09-24-involenconference at a conference on “Innovation in environmental education:ICT and intergenerational learning“. This was organized by the INVOLEN EU-funded research project in the beautiful setting of the Santa Apollonia auditorium.

For this event I have a presentation about  “Integrating culture, environment, and open innovation innovation for awareness raising: a case from the Farma Valley, Tuscany”. The event was also the opportunity to meet experts in environmental education or environmental communication, as well as experts in environment or ICT who also deal with communication.

In the presentation I provided an overview of various projects I conducted since 2007 with the Farma Valley as a home base, and with several residents of the hamlets in the valley (Torniella, Piloni and Scalvaia) as collaborators. For the September 25 presentation a specific focus was given ot the two location-based games developed in partnership with Giulia Ceccarini from the Casa del Chiodo farmhouse for the INVOLEN game competition: Little balls on the hills and Farma Valley Map(pear)ing.

Both the prototypes may be viewed at http://www.attivarti.org/valledelfarma, together with additional information about “the making of” these games and some interesting video interviews (with a translation in English of the transcript).

Vi ricordo che sui blog di pibinko.org e di Attivarti.org potete ripercorrere le “fasi salienti” di questa tournée, e volendo anche di tutti gli eventi a partire dal 1998…(per pibinko.org) o dal 2011 (per Attivarti.org).