Athens, September 2015

I really liked Athens. I felt at home. The language is not so alien (for an Italian who studied latin and has a basic knowledge of the Greek alphabet from engineering studies). If you listen carefully, and look sharply things will tend to more or less make sense after few days. Many Greek girls have a lot of traits in common with Greek icons (Maria Callas, Vanna Barba). Many Greek guys remind me of friend living in Rome or South of it, or of Anthony Quinn.

I took it from there…between the Balkan Light conference, covered in a previous articole, the closing of the political campaign and the Sunday elections, and some interesting strolls in the Exarchia neighbourhood and the Zografou area.

My only regret is to miss some shots of the concert which happened in some square West of Monastiraki with four bands (free jazz, swing, rock-blues, and finally surf). It ended almost at 1AM just because the generator was out of fuel. Then again, I don’t regret too much, because if you don’t take pictures you can bettern enjoy the groove.

Oh, by the way, yes…the Parthenon was there too, but feeling at home I was kind of less attracted to the key tourist points.