An update of the Farma Valley Billboard (as of June 3, 2017)

After the quick’n’dirty first setup of the Farma Valley Community billboard, here is our first update. You can find it entering the village of Torniella from the South, on your right, just after the post office.

In addition to an updated and enriched list of events, going through August, we added a proper title on the top left, and highlighted the palla a 21 ball construction course,  scheduled for Saturday, June 17, in Torniella, as this is the first time for a very peculiar initiative.

We also remind you that the billboard includes both initiatives taking place in the central part of the vally (essentially, the hamlets of Torniella, Piloni and Scalvaia and their surroundings) in addition to events where organizations based in the valley are invited in other locations (at present, this applies to: Banda di Torniella, BuioMetria Partecipativa, and palla a 21 teams).