The Network will collaborate with the AquaPLAN Project

With the BuioMetria Partecipativa project, which since 2008 proposes interdisciplinary activities for protection and promotion of the night sky, we have been invited to be part of the “Stakeholder innovation Board” of the AquaPLAN research project, funded by the HORIZON programme of the European Commission, and coordinated by the University of Pisa. The project kicked off at the beginning of the year, and will run until the end of 2027. At the time of writing it does not have an official web site (and this is normal, since the web site development is planned in the first months of activity), so the official presentation for the moment is available from this link:

In a nutshell, the project will be studying the management of impacts on biodiversity deriving from noise and light pollution in aquatic environments.

If we put together…

  • 30 years of relations to EU-funded research
  • 20 years of creation and management of innovative project
  • 16 years of activity related to light pollution
  • 9 years of project dealing with acoustics

…we do have some ideas. However, we never heard about “stakeholder innovation”.

Before any other step, we wanted to clarify this concept. We read from authoritative sources that stakeholder innovation is “is a way to bring attention to the need for collaboration in innovative endeavours”. We also checked with institutional subjects in the European Commission space, and they told us to do “what is best”…so we are in an innovation space!

We will start to propose our activities starting from Friday, Feb. 16, with a whole day dedicated to M’illumino di Meno by RAI Radio Due (see this presentation link), and other initiatives which will follow. For more information: or +393317539228