pibinko.org newsletter (April 17-23): a webinar recording and old card game tournaments


  • The week is quite calm on the outreach side, but start preparing for April 24 and 25 with large loads of live music coming up!

Ten years ago, today

Amy Winehous (RIP) was on the charts with Rehab.

Having received in mid-February the notification of acceptance for our proposal to bring palla a 21 e traditional card games at the Art of Play di Chicago, our fundraising phase was ramping up. This continued during all Spring and started with:

  • a bingo evening in Torniella
  • an Easter egg lottery, offered by the La Combriccola wine bar (note: the former managers, Antonella and Andrea)
  • a “briscola” tournament in Torniella
  • a “briscola” tournament inScalvaia
  • a community lunch in Scalvaia

The word crowdfunding was a lot less used than it is now, possibly also among future metropolitan startuppers, but this is what this was.

The preparation of the mission was covered by Il Tirreno, Grosseto edition, (March 7, 2007) and by “La Banda” from Radio Popolare Milano (Apr. 18, 2007, listen to the MP3 version, 8’14”).


  • the bylaws for GFOSS.it (the future Italian chapter for the Open Source Geospatial Consortium) was circulating among the founding members to be signed
  • I was inquiring with friend on how “ganzo” (a Tuscan version of “cool”) could be translated in Portuguese, but don’t ask me why

(…to be continued)


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