Noi pahrleeamoh eetaleeanoh (Location 1 – Alta Valdera, Pisa)

Cultural mediation is one of the pillars of the network. Pibinko had to deal with three languages since the age of 0 years, since he was born in “Chehmanee”. Then, especially since 2002, he had to deal with minds from five continents, in the combination of international projects and other local initiatives involving foreign people (such as teaching Italian as a foreign language).

In this context, we are glad to relay the initiative of creating and Italian-English conversations group in Alta Valdera (half way between Pisa and Volterra) and its immediate surroundings. The idea is to arrange bi-weekly meetups with a duration of one hour, where people can chat half of the time in English and half of the time in Italian, with a balanced presence of people who are mother tongue in these two languages (or in any case like the format).

If you are inteterested, you should like a brief presentation email at Please indicate where you are based, in which days of the week and time slots you would be available, and why you would like to join.

The schedule and the venues will be defined depending on the indications provided by the participants. On the English side, there are already four people. The meetings will begin as soon as a group of at least two Italian natives and to non-Italian ones is confirmed.

Participation does not have a registration cost. Any expenses for tea, coffee, aperitivo, pizza or similar recreational supplies will be payed individually by each participant… in the meantime you may visit the website of the Società Agricola I Cipressi, from which this initiative was launched: