July 9, 2017 – Report by TV9 Grosseto on palla a 21

This happened in the context of our memorial initiatives for the tenth anniversary of our mission to Chicago, Illinois.

The report was first aired on July 9, 2017, in the “Sport Café” show by TV9 in, presenting a training session by players from Torniella, Piloni, and Scalvaia, as well as details on the construction of the ball. The report was then repeated on July 10 and 11 luglio.

For more information on palla a 21 (or palla eh!): https://www.pibinko.org/palla-a-21-palla eh/, or micalosapevo@pibinko.org, or whatsapp +393317539228

Grazie a Francesca Ciardiello di TV9