Hints from the pibinko.org archive for your extended home stays

While Tender by Blur plays…

It’s not going to be on par with a virtual visit to the New York MOMA, nor with some free movie streaming release, or other offers that many renown sites are proposing in these days. Still…since they gave us a bit more time at home, here is what you may find in the pibinko.org archive, and you might indeed discover some food for thought and/or entertainment.

This site is mainly focused on documenting the activities of an interdisciplinary network in the promotion and protection of lesser known assets in the areas of culture, environment, and open innovation. Geographically it ranges currently from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco, California from East to West, and from Matera, Italy, to Edinburgh, Scotland, to the North, with a core of work in Southern Tuscany. You can also find here a partial list of folks and organisations which in time have collaborated, or are currently collaborating).

In the “News” section of the web site there are around 1550 articles. Most of these are available in Italian and English. Perusing a list of 1500 articles is not an interesting option, even if these were about top models, so here are some “thematic” entry points:

  • 123 original videos (corresponding to around 12 hours of screening time)…from casual micro-movies to fully edited documentaries). We also have a couple of dozens of videos on the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band (these are mostly, but not only, musical videos)
  • 151 photos of peculiar situations or places
  • 136 Excellent Tuscan recipes by Aunt Eda. These are currently available only in Italian, but they are really good and might motivate you to improve your Italian language skilles.
  • 306 branobags (this was a daily blog column which I curated between 2012 and 2016 with one song, lyrics translations and more)
  • 176 between articles and interviews about project we have been running since 2007 with whoever wants to run them with us.
  • Some seventy items in our Stuff-o-theque . In this “forced confinement” period we are populating this with ten “items” per day, including vinyls, books, magazines, press clippings, and other miscellanea.
  • Etc. etc. . In the right side of the web site you can read all the categories.

Enjoy your online explorations, and if you liked, or disliked, a particular article, please do let us know (info@pibinko.org).

Article header picture: Ladybirds keeping warm in the Farma Valley, 2013