Here we go with the “In the Heart of Tuscany” survey!

The more you review presentations of tourism and culture situations in Tuscany, the more you get the feeling that a very high number of these places is characterised as being “…in the heart of Tuscany”. At this point we would like to better assess what is the perimeter of this heart…

The network, with over thirty years of experience in incredibly strange mapping, welcomes you to a “geo-anatomy” exercise, by helping us to locate the pulse-setting organ in this region.

If you manage a business, or you know somebody who does, and this business is “in the heart of Tuscany”, please let us know at or +393317539228.

For those of you who are more social-network oriented, please see also

All of your feedback will be relayed to our mapping department, and they will gradually create a map, which will be published at some point (we will give the survey a couple of months). If you like the initiative and would like to help us keep it alive, please consider supporting the network (

Thank you for your attention, and best regards from…the heart of Tuscany!