Here come the first participatory lithology samples with a name

[Recommended music for this article: Movin’ on Up, from the Mar. 26, 2019 branobag]

Our “little participatory lithology exercise, started on March 21 from Tatti, Southern Tuscany by the pibinko. org network, the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, with geologists from various regions to classify domestic mineral collections is developing.

The workflow requires for each sample: at least one photo by a collector, at least two agreeing reviews by the classifiers, at least on song each day from the entertainers, and support by sponsors here and there.

Mauro Tirannosauro, the outsider we needed

With an approach strongly based on co-design, attention by various media, and the incredibly strange presence of a T-Rex following various aspects of our work, and occasionally singing, the project is gradually unfolding. Starting from a base team of ten people in Tatti, after four weeks it has engaged in participation about 35 folks, spread across five Italian regions. We have some 250 samples on the radar, and about 60 songs related in various ways to rocks, stones, and minerals, with both lists growing. The songs are broadcast via daily articles on the “Lithobag” series of articles by the Jug Band Colline Metallifere (surely in Italian, when possible also with an English translation).

A map of participants as of April 8, 2020.

After one month, it is finally possible to review some of the samples at the end of their review chain, with a lot of music in the background. You may see them either from the main gallery, with a beige background, while the samples still being reviewed have a white background. As an alternative, you may use this link. Please note that in the pilot phase of the project the sample pages are presented only in Italian (depending on audience response and sponsorship we will be glad to propose them also in English). At this point, entries are being validated day by day, so the list of “beige” samples will gradually grow.

Participatory Lithology continues, between resilience, a pinch of structured post-dadaism, and looking sometime around mid-May to present the final results of its pilot phase.

For information and booking: or +393317539228 (SMS or Whatsapp)