February’s impressions: the Italian Open Geodata Day (Rome)

oupendatadei2014On Feb. 27 2014, the second Italian open geodata day was held in Rome. The meeting organisers reported some 500 registered attendees. The event was arranged in a plenary session in the morning, and four parallel sessions in the afternoon.

This was -if I am not mistaken- the second Open Geodata Day. Last year I was not able to attend, so I left Grosseto very early on Thursday morning, with a lot of curiosity and some “expec” (they say you should never have strong expectations on things, but I think it’s ok to have a little).

The close-of-business was around 6.30PM, giving my regards to a mixed (public-private) delegation of various stakeholders from Puglia.

Some things which I noted during the day:

  • some former GFOSS.it colleagues
  • some former OSM amateur
  • some prospective new “spaghetti open data” colleague (and it’s always interesting the first time you see for real somebody you have been following via e-mail over the past two years)
  • questions via twitter, and questions from the floor

I don’t mean to propose a proper summary of the day. Even assuming I have the skills to do this, by 3PM I was already blown out by the 4.15 AM wake-up call. …I may not have been the best observer on site.

But I did note a few things.

  • The co-existence in the same presentation of the four words Open, Street, Map, Inspire. I was pleased by this, and it gave me some old time blues;
  • The will of the organisers to stimulate the community and the stakeholders;
  • Yet again (since 2006), the parallel presence in the same community of an amateur perspective, a research perspective, and a business perspective.

There was also an interesting exercise proposed by the organisers: each attendee was given a paper form, to be filled in with something like “the open geodata app which you think is currently missing from your market”. I apologise with the organisers for not returning my feedback, and I’ll try to make my amends over the coming weeks.