EARSeL Specialist Meeting on Hydrology and Water Resources, Dundee, Scotland, 1993

During the Spring of 1993 my MS Tutor at the University of Gent, Peter Troch, was invited for a presentation in a workshop in Dundee, Scotland.

Peter had a very busy schedule at the time, and Dundee was not really close to Gent.

He then suggested that his two Erasmus students (Ugo Bacchiega and myself), who were in the final steps of their dissertation work, could take his place and present our work at the workshop.

So we went, and gave a presentation on “GIS-based integration of SAR remote sensing and distributed hydrologic modelling for surface soil moisture estimation”.

I have always thanked Peter for this opportunity.

The trip do Dundee was indeed very long (ferry boat + train!), but the experience was very educational.