Dec. 13-21, 2023: The Fourth Jug Band Colline Metallifere Winter Fest

This is the flyer for the Fourth Winter Fest organized by the network, in collaboration with those who are willing to collaborate (names of individuals and organizations will be disclosed as the festival unfolds). While the first three editions were set in the Farma Valley, a lesser known location in Southern Tuscany (some 100 km South of Florence), in this round we will propose a travelling event, with a dozen or so stops in three Tuscan provinces. At this stage the finer details are intentionally omitted. Partly for non-business confidentiality agreements, partly in order to turn this into some kind of treasure hunt , partly because some of the stops will be defined in “co-design” mode.

It is to be noted that, in addition to the three past Winter fests, the organizers have proposed an average of one event per month since 2007. So, even though the flyer looks somewhat obscure (also to our Italian-reading audience), for once please trust us and ride the wave.

For more information on places and times of what will happen: