Contributing to the network newsletter


In addition to numerous events and initiatives, since 2012 with the network we have dealt with communication about lesser known topics, places, people, and things.

You may have received these communications via email or via social networks…if not, you can check the site plus the site (the latter being dedicated to music) to have an idea of contents we deal with.

For this Autumn and for the coming Winter, we are planning to launch a new series of the newsletter, and for the first time we have the pleasure of hosting guests and contributors.

We have considered three types of contributions:



  • Title
  • Sub-title
  • Body text, maximum 2000 characters (spaces incluedes), in hypertext format (you can include links).
  • From one to three images, with image credits, and captions if needed.
  • if possible, a translation into Italian of the title, sub-title, body text, and captions.
  • If you like, a song as a “soundtrack” for the article (please provide a link to the song)



  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Link to the video
  • if possible, a translation into Italian of the title and the sub-title



  • Title
  • Sub-title
  • Link to the picture (or the file in JPEG format, maximum size 1Mb)
  • If possible, a translation into Italian of the title and the sub-title.

A series of articles, videos, or photos

…just as above, but with an indication of how many “items” you would like to propose, and when they would be available, so that we may distribute them in time and, ideally, present them together with other affine or complementary contents.

Other types of contents

Let’s talk about it (

What next?

The proposals will be reviewed by our editorial board (composed by pibinko, Mauro the T-rex and other historical collaborators of the network). If the proposal will be considered in line with the mission of the network (promotion and protection of lesser known “stuff”), they will be accepted for publication.

We envision that these contents may have either an outreach and/or promotion scope, depending if you are a subject requiting outreach and/or promotion.

If you do not already have a profile page on the site (see “collaborations“), we will set up a page, and we will then schedule the publication of your contents.

The newsletters will be sent out to the audience we reach via our mailing list (circa ten thousand direct email addresses), in addition to multiple social netowrk channels. We will then monitor the feedback, and let you know if there are developments or requests specifically related to your contributions. Over the years we have found that it is not simple to forecast the outcome of our campaigns, given their extremely interdisciplinary approach; however we have also documented that they have never created issues, and on the other hand they have led to actual returns in terms of publicity, contacts, reservations, requests for services, etc.

At the end of this series of articles (roughly at the end of February, or later if the contributions will keep flowing), we will provide a summary report on the activity and…who knows…maybe a nice final event.

For information or inquiries, write to