is a small non-governmental organization, namely a “societal promotion association”, according to Italian legislation.

I created in 2011 in partnership with three colleagues, two other environmental engineers and an archaeologists, to give a legal status, a social security code and a bank account to the “stuff” which I started proposing in 2006, in parallel to my job as a geographic information systems specialist/project manager.

In 2019, with the national reform of the non-profit sector in Italy, we have been forced to put the association in a “hibernation” state. In parallel, several of the activities which were initiated with it have now matured into actual professional services, which you may find inserted in the Services page of the network.

I’d like to recall that, at present, is a largely self-funded effort. For this reason, I invite you to support it by checking out the page “support us” page and committing to at least one of the three actions indicated therein.