A Video by CNR IBE Featuring a “BuioMetro” in the Svalbard Islands

During our last “M’illumino di Meno” we explained that Luciano Massetti from the Italian Research Council’s Institute of Bioeconomy could not participate directly to the BuioMetria Partecipativa events due to the overlap with a mission to the Svalbard Islands. In fact, his goal was to deploy a night sky quality sensor. We did check with Luciano the possibility of having some form of live connection, but due to the tight schedule in such a peculiar research facility this was not possible. However, Luciano was able to document a few moments of his presence in this video, from which you may also have a glimps of what happens when Italian researchers venture in very cold places:

For more information:

Video source: https://video.ibe.cnr.it/w/oZwcqDV6UYxZ8rG1jcHxAv