A Quiz for Astronomers and Stargazers (BMMPOD #346)

NASA, in collaboration with Michigan State University, has been maintaining for years a site where every day an astronomical picture is published. The site was called “APOD” (i.e. “Astronomy Picture of the Day”).

With the BuioMetria Partecipativa (BMP) project we do not intend to challenge the outreach capabilities of this project, but in our own small world we sometimes like to share a “picture of the day”, given our penchant for photography: some may recall that in 2010 we launched a photography contest which had over 600 participants from 52 countries, for example (see Between Dusk and Dawn), and that we have collaborations with various professional nightscape photographers. So, here is our “BMPPOD”:

The image clearly has a low quality and has been acquired in a region with very significant skyglow, so this cannot be in Southern Tuscany (where one of the darkest skies in Italy is found, see TV report). Furthermore, the image might have been taken with a fish-eye-like optic (such as those used in all-sky CCD camersa), and the draped on a plane. We realize this is an extreme challenge, but we also know that there are very qualified experts out there.

If you are able to guess to which celestial region the image is referred, we will be glad to interview you in the context of our activities for interdisciplinary protection and promotion of the night sky. Please send answers and/or comments to: bmp@pibinko.org or whatsapp +393317539228.