A “palla 21” ball is on its way to Colorado (USA)

Last year we were contacted by Noel C. , a physical education high school teacher based in the Denver, Colorado, area. Noel found out through the internet about the existence of palla 21 (aka palla eh!), and he contacted us to explain about his project: teach the game to his students, and possibly write some articles, or a book, about this story.

We told Noel that we were flattered about his interest and that we have several videos and text explanations to provide guidance. But, there was a big but…the ball, the ball…how can you teach a ball game without the proper ball?

Noel wrote that he had been looking for the palla a 21 balls on Amazon and did not find them. This was possibly a joke, since he had seen the videos where the ball is made by hand, but we appreciated the spirit. So, after various consultations with selected representatives of the pibinko.org network we decide to go for it and put a rare palla a 21 (or palla eh!) ball in the hands of an international courier.

At this point with the Tuscan ball players we are following with trepidation the tracking for the ball (and you can do it as well: https://www.mbe.it/it/tracking?c=270514124149), and when the ball will arrive we will give you more news.

To give a little emphasis to this moment, together with Sean Connerie and Silvia from Centro Color in Follonica, Tuscany, we prepared a little “boxing video” (normally people do “unboxing” videos)…

In 2007 we went with a crew of 21 people from Tuscany to Chicago to demonstrate palla a 21 (or palla eh!). In 2024 we are looking forward to see a ball from the Tuscan Metalliferous Hills making people play in Denver, Colorado, and we will see where this will bring!

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