2001 – MondoGIS – The Sardinian Industrial Parks Geographic Information System

Written with Sergio Loddo (Regione Sardegna).

As far as I recall this was one of the first multi-language web GIS applications in Italy (pulished in 2000). The aim of the project was to provide a site selection interface to promote the transfer of parcels being freed by declinining heavy industries to small and medium enterprises.

For the techies

Developed in PHP, the Jshape applet for mapping (no longer available), and an Oracle back-end. Before the web version, between 1997 and 1998 I designed and deployed a desktop version. This was based on ArcView 3.2 and MS Access. A feature of interest: the APR files for the fifteen industrial parks were generated via Avenue scripting with style parameters retrieved from a database so as to simplify the generation of subsequent versions of the interface.

The system also included a geographic web log mining component (explained in the article).

See PDF (in Italian).

For more information: info@pibinko.org