Pibinko.org Newsletter #5: Pisa tomorrow, and highlight for Milano at the end of the month

If you have not yet seen the summary of the “No music allowed, episode 1” event on May 9 in Torniella, you can check it out HERE.

Then, we will be waiting for you tomorrow afternoon (May 16) at the University of Pisa, close to the leaning tower. We will give a lecture from 2PM to 4PM on research, outreach, and citizen science applied to artificial light at night, and then have a “debriefing” from 6 to 2PM at la Torre del Luppolo. The presentation of the event is HERE.

You should then take note of the two presentations we will have in Milano on May 30. In a sort of “double-feature” event we will first give a lecture at the  Politecnico di Milano (from  10.30AM to noon), and then have another talk at the Lucernate Community Hall (from 8.45PM to 10.45PM). Summing these two events you should have an exhaustive view on the projects for m(‘)appare, BuioMetria Partecipativa, and for the intertwining of culture, environment, and open innovation which we have been developing for over ten years from the Southern Tuscan hills.

The presentation wll also be the opportunity to learn directly about the  pibinko.org + attivarti.org , focusing on the Summer, but already including some hints for the colder months, and providing indications on how to participate in person.

Finally, I would like to recall that there are still 47 days to contribute to the  Etruschi from Lakota crowdfunding campaign, to print their third album. The campaign is going pretty well, but is not yet complete. You can see what this is about from THIS PAGE.

For more information: info@pibinko.org