Farma Valley Day and Night at the Belagaio State Reserve (Southern Tuscany) – how did it go

The flyer

The July 27 AM interview for “Cult” (Radio Popolare Milano)

In Italian:

6.30PM Introduction
7PM – A review of the Farma Valley Community Map
7.30PM – Entering the castle
Exploring the castle’s court


8.30PM a strongly-deserved break (…taking all those pictures at the castle is so heavy ;))
From 10PM to 1AM – Stargazing
Observed objects

Summing up those recorded by our two stargazing guides: Moon, Jupiter, Saturn. M31, M51, M13, M22, M57,  M16, M17, M8, M20, M11, M26, M52, M6,  M7, M57, M27.

Night sky quality measurements

…for the BuioMetria Partecipativa project. With two sky quality meters: average reading around midnight 21.35 mag/arcsec^2 .

“We want more”‘s

Several “we want more” calls by participants and non-participants.

Beware of the cat!

Should you be visiting the Belagaio area and deciding to have a pic-nic, remember that, while the area is full of horses (due to the maremman horse breeding facility managed by the Carabinieri), systematically beaten by wild boar and various other two- and four-legged animals, if you leave unattended your slice  of ham while fetching your slice of bread,  don’t be surprised if various hungry cats appear after counting to three. These are Gaido’s cats: they like to be cuddled, but the also like your food!

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