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Have you ever seen Jimi Hendrix?

One of the stories that we like to tell during our gigs, concerning Wolfgang “The Wolf” Scheibe is that he has seen Jimi Hendrix live. Not once, twice. And not over months or years, but two evenings in a row. Man: these experiences are bound to open your mind, as another James said!

A couple of days ago Wolf found online the poster of one of the two concerts he attended, so he could remember the actual dates: January 14 and 15, 1969. He also told us yesterday that, starting from these two dates, and following a Proust-like “search of lost time”, he started remembering a bunch of people and situations related to those two days.

Wolfgang during the 2023 Brezel Tour, in a moment of regressive hypnosis where he is listening to Spanish Castle Magic.

At this point we have two questions:

  • There are people who start from a biscuit and write books. If we have a printer who starts from a poster, what might he produce?
  • Are there other folks who have seen Jimi Hendrix live, and who would like to get in touch with Wolfgang (and the other members of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere gang…they haven’t see Jimi live, but they have been listening to him a lot)?

If you have an answer to at least one of these two questions, please write to or whatsapp +393317539228. We give you our best regards with Simone Sandrucci, Dario Canal and Samuele Boscagli covering Angel by Jimi after a JBCM gig at Le Volte in Roccatederighi (Southern Tuscany). This was Dec. 10, 2022:

The Jug Band Colline Metallifere 2023 Brezel Tour is over

After 21 events, starting on June 16 and roughly spread between Tuscany and Germany, with gigs also in Trentino and Emilia Romagna, On Sep. 14 at Tangram Beach we have declared the closing of the 2023 Brezel Tour, our Summer tour.

In addition to musical events, we had activities between one musical event and the other…music and territory. This has led to initiatives and stories from which a series could be scripted (and this is not the first time in the context of the network).

In the coming weeks we will see about preparing a summary of this story. In the meantime we give you our greetings with a shot taken by our Tangram Beach friends while the band is about to leave, and two invitations:

We are now at work on our “autumn/winter” collection. Talk to you soon.

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Jug Band Colline Metallifere project presentation as of Sep. 2023

As we approach the closing of the Brezel Tour, we are glad to share some slides presenting the Jug Band Colline Metallifere project, and of what you can do to support it, apart from rocking and rolling during our events. For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228:

A few Shots from the July 28 event @ Ampeleia

On July 28 we were at the grand opening of the tasting location at Ampeleia, an excellent biodynamic winery close to Roccatederighi, in the Metalliferous Hills in Southern Tuscany (actually, ten minutes from our home base). We recently received a few shots, which we like to share. The photo credits go to Benny Leonberger (IG: @champagnjamin).

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Aug. 20, 2023: Double “mapperitivo” in the Farma Valley, Southern Tuscany

In the intertwining of music and territorial issues proposed by the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, there is a component which in Milano, Brussels, or at the MIT in Boston would be called “co-design”, leading to systematically connecting the situations we relate to in different ways, starting from characters around us.

Two of the seven speciments of short-haired Vizslas known to live in Italy.

In the melting pot represented by the Brezel Tour with the palla a 21/palla eh! Summer tournaments, with the new moon phase allowing to take night sky quality measurements, with the appreciation of the very low number of short-haired Vizslas currently living in Italy, and the spicy olive oil made by Aunt Eda, we have defined a “double mapperitivo” for Sunday, Aug. 20, in the Farma Valley, Southern Tuscany.

  • From 11:30Am to 1PM we will be at Bar Vineria La Combriccola in Torniella.
  • From 4.30PM to the end of the tournaments we will be in Piloni, right next to the Palla a 21 games.

Jack O’Malley and some friends of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere will be present. Depending on the musical potential of the participants, there might be some notes in the air. Last but not least, we will have some bottles of Tre Cani Rossi 2022, a very good Sangiovese+Canaiolo blend produced by I Cipressi in Capannoli, a lesser known wine from a part of Tuscany which is currently emerging as a location for wine production (the Upper Valdera, close to Pisa).

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

A snapshot from the August 11 mapperitivo in Torniella, Tuscany

The Brezel Tour in Germany: wrapping it up

After providing daily highlights during the mission, as a wrap-up we prefer to just add a few snapshots, together with the acknowledgements to those who made the tour possible: Huober Brezel, Alt Krone Hoheneck, Waldheim Backnang bei Vesna and the bowling friends, Tatti Stay and See, Format D, Azienda San Lorenzo, Sorgman X and our supporters with the Brezel Tour T-shirts.

We have recorded all of the events and we have extracted a few videos…if you go through the “News” section of our site, it’s all there.

If you are in Southern Tuscany, also please note the next gig for the 2023 Brezel Tour 2023: Saturday July 15 in Monterotondo Marittimo at the Eretico Festival. We will be on stage from 3.40PM to 4.10PM (but you should come earlier and leave later, so you can check out also the other acts).

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Brezel Tour: Day 6 Highlights + Maremma Amara

  • The letter for the sixth day of the tour was L, as in linoleum
  • 9.30AM departure from the Erdmannhausen basecamp at Huober Brezel
  • 2.10PM arrival at the Format D headquartes in Munich
  • 2.20PM a fine home-made slice of cake with a revitalizing cofee, and an embedded presentation on Maremma and the Jug Band Colline Metallifere project, by Wolfgang and Jack O’Malley
  • 3.32 customized “office concert”
  • ore 16.10 farewell and exchange of institutional tokens
  • 1AM-2.30AM-3.26AM (on July 11) touchdown at the JBCM destinations (Pisa, Massa Marittima, Tatti)

To reconnect to the Tuscan setting, the last song from the afternoon presentation…an overall summary of the mission will follow sometime during the week. For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Brezel Tour: Day 5 Highlights

  • The word of the day for July 9 was “Evaporation”
  • 9.31 AM debriefing breakfast with friends from Huober Brezel, after the big party from the day before
  • 12.10PM departure for Stuttgart
  • 3.03PM things start rolling at TATTI STAY AND SEE, in a Lazy Sunday Afternoon atmosphere, and various Tuscany-related explanations
  • 4.30PM end of the performance, followed, in addition to the usual urban dwellers, by a significant delegation of farmers from the surroundings. Several of them are Wolfgang’s friends and ex-colleagues
  • 5PM the team decides to slightly defer the street music session to a later moment in the afternoon, just to have a bit of a cooler temperature…
  • 7PM …the cooler temperature does not really arrive. The team decides to postpone the session to a future date, and returns to the base camp to prepare for the return trip.
  • As a video for today…a time machine back to 2019, always at TATTI STAY AND SEE

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228