Aug. 20, 2023: Double “mapperitivo” in the Farma Valley, Southern Tuscany

In the intertwining of music and territorial issues proposed by the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, there is a component which in Milano, Brussels, or at the MIT in Boston would be called “co-design”, leading to systematically connecting the situations we relate to in different ways, starting from characters around us.

Two of the seven speciments of short-haired Vizslas known to live in Italy.

In the melting pot represented by the Brezel Tour with the palla a 21/palla eh! Summer tournaments, with the new moon phase allowing to take night sky quality measurements, with the appreciation of the very low number of short-haired Vizslas currently living in Italy, and the spicy olive oil made by Aunt Eda, we have defined a “double mapperitivo” for Sunday, Aug. 20, in the Farma Valley, Southern Tuscany.

  • From 11:30Am to 1PM we will be at Bar Vineria La Combriccola in Torniella.
  • From 4.30PM to the end of the tournaments we will be in Piloni, right next to the Palla a 21 games.

Jack O’Malley and some friends of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere will be present. Depending on the musical potential of the participants, there might be some notes in the air. Last but not least, we will have some bottles of Tre Cani Rossi 2022, a very good Sangiovese+Canaiolo blend produced by I Cipressi in Capannoli, a lesser known wine from a part of Tuscany which is currently emerging as a location for wine production (the Upper Valdera, close to Pisa).

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

A snapshot from the August 11 mapperitivo in Torniella, Tuscany