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The “mapperitivo” is a format for entertainment and audience engagement event based on activities to (re)discover territories starting from maps. The structure of the event has been developing since 2008. We started with the m(‘)appare Milano project, combining it in time with hundreds of initiatives and events managed with the network. In 2014-201 mapperitivi were the basis for the creation of the Farma Valley community map (halfway between Siena and Grosseto). These were then replicated in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina (2017), Tatti (2018-2019), Bruxelles (2019), Roccastrada (2020), and Roccatederighi (2022). In time our approach has received national and international attention.

A mapperitivo in Torniella (Southern Tuscany), Aug. 2023

In a mapperitivo, maps, either digital or in paper, are displayed together with objects and characters related to a given territory. This creates the starting point for an experience where storytelling, scientific outreach, and participatory methods are merged in one situation. The objects displayed are part of the travelling micro-museum and of our stuff-o-theque (in any case we are open to hosting also contributions from other subjects).

A mapperitivo can take place anywhere, even though its elective location is -preferably- a café, a bar, or any other place where an aperitivo can be served.

Maps and objects are always joined by musical instruments. This does not mean that a mapperitivo will by default turn into a concert (for “musically prevailing” events please see the presentation on the Jug Band Colline Metallifere music). However, having musical instruments around will create a basis for potential rehearsals, jams sessions, and other forms of expression.

A “mapperitivo set” in Brussels ain 2019 (see article)

The crew providing mapperitivo animation is represented by Andrea Giacomelli, MS and PhD in environmental engineering with experience since 1994 in mapping and geographic informations systems. Depending on context, he is joined by one or more elements from Jug Band Colline Metallifere and from the network, which since 2007 operated in the protection and promotion of lesser known or minor assets in the field of culture, enviroment, and open innovation.

A mapperitivo can be easily proposed to an international audience, given the language skills of our working group.

To organize a mapperitivo: or whatsapp +393317539228