Klaus “der Geyser” at the Biancane Park (Oct. 21, 2021)

During the survey by the Jug Band Colline Metallifere with Klaus der Geiger at the Biancane Park, between Monterotondo and Sasso Pisano (Souther Tuscany), we have proposed him to improvise some music to be performed as Klaus “der Geyser”, after seeing the “Autobus 37” video by Etruschi from Lakota, shot in the same location almost ten years ago (for those who are not aware about it, two of the components of Etruschi from Lakota, Dario Canal and Simone Sandrucci, are two of the founders of the JBCM project).

Info & booking: jugbandcm@pibinko.org or Whatsapp +393317539228

The Jug Band Colline Metallifere with Klaus der Geiger (photo opportunity with fake English names in Monterotondo Marittimo, Tuscany)

..at the end of a nice outing at Parco delle Biancane (a report about this is in the works) to prepare the next steps approaching the lunch concert at Altrimondi (Follonica) on Sat., Oct. 23 (see the link).

For more information and booking: jugbandcm@pibinko.org or +393317539228

In ordine alfabetico di finto nome inglese: Darius Canal, Claude the Fiddler, Jack O’Malley, Simon Littlealexanders, Wolf

The Jug Band Colline Metallifere with Klaus der Geiger on Oct. 21 and 23: Rock-blues, Violin, and our territories

For his next tour in Tuscany you may hear the Jug Band Colline Metallifere with Klaus der Geiger on Oct. 23 in Follonica, at Altrimondi, at noon. From 1PM it will be possible to have lunch (reservation needed at +393666148769).

The Metalliferous Hills Jug Band (or Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere, JBCM, in Italian) is an international and inter-generational collective proposing a combination of music and environmental practice, where melody, rhythm, storytelling and science outreach are merged in one situation. The JBCM is based in one of the lesser known parts of Tuscany, the Metalliferous Hills, spanning across the provinces of Grosseto, Pisa, Livorno and Siena, and where the typical “Tuscan postcard” themes are mixed with the legacy of one of the largest mining areas in Europe, and a geothermal energy district, thus combining rural and industrial issues and perspectives. The JBCM was launched 2018, after three years of preparation, merging different expertise by professionals with multiple years of research experience on environmental, territorial, rural, and musical issues. At the end of October the JBCM is pleased to proposed the return to Italy of a friend they met at the very beginning of their project: Klaus der Geiger. Klaus is a violinist born in 1940, musically raised in  Köln, Germany, with various international experiences, and know in his home country as “the Asphalt Paganini” due to his numerous street performances. His activity is often related to social issues, and he also has collaborations with many symphonic orchestras and recording projects.

The Jug Band Colline Metallifere info point on culture, environment, and open innovation will be available.

Klaus der Geiger

For more information jugbandcm@pibinko.org or whatsapp +393317539228

As an introductory listening: a track from our 2018 “country session“: