From the Metalliferous Hills to Milano, and back – Cast – Wolfgang Scheibe

After Simone Sandrucci and Dario Canal, enter our bass players (and singer of a few whispered songs). Some people call him The Wolf (not of Wall Street), some call him Tattistampa. A few others call him Wolfi (but we are not authorized). In any case, it’s him, with his one-string bass, hand-built in 1972 and hand-played in countless street music events in Germany, prior to his relocation in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills.

In the header you see him dress up as Steve Jobs. At some point Wolf in fact decided to launch a line of products with an apple, clearly a biodynamic one.

If all this story had taken place in a big city, with all “them” innovation hubs and all “them” disruptive talks and “them” places where lots of people have hipster beards “because it’s disruptive” and motivational writings in meeting rooms, Wolfgang would be defined as a “maker”. But we just prefer not to define him, while remembering that back in the Sixties he was a Twist champion, and he still likes to jump and jive with that dance.

Wolfgang, in his secrete Tattistampa print shop

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