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One year in pictures with the Jug Band Colline Metallifere

This is a photo summary of some of the “concerpts” that we did with the Jug Band Colline Metallifere between October 2021 and October 2022. We started with the mini-tour in the Metalliferous Hills with Klaus der Geiger…then Milano, Mezzolombardo (Trento), Groningen (The Netherlands), Cassine (Piedmont), Florence, and various other Tuscan localities, with over 20 events and many more things happening in the background. If you are curious, you can check it all on this blog. For more information and booking: o whatsapp 3317539228.

The photos are an excerpt from around 6500 shots taken by Jack O’Malley in this period, so you don’t see him often. Soundtrack: part of the “Tatti Twist” performed at Pineta Beach in Marina di Grosseto, July 10, 2022.

FOSS4G 2022 Icebreaker – video highlights

In addition to some photos (see link) and to the complete video for the super-rocking last ten minutes with I’m so Glad featuring a mysterious dancer (see link), here are some video highlights of the August 24 concerPT at the FOSS4G international conference in Florence. Kudos to Pietro Barbieri for the extensive coverage.

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Some video from the July 17,2022, Street Jam in Massa Marittima, Southern Tuscany

(not recorded: Cry…Jon Batiste)
0:00 supermarket
9.52 These boots are made for walking
23.15 three little birds
38.45 Hey Joe
47.50 Con il nastro rosa
54.10 Time
1:00:28 Sweet Home Alabama
1:06:10 Sympathy for the Devil
1:14:30 How many more times
1:25 Hit the road Jack
1:34 Summertime
1:43:45 The Thrill is gone
1:55 Have you ever seen the rain
1:59:30 Monna Lisa

With no less than 12 musicians. For more information: or whatsapp +393317539228

Mauro Tirannosauro interviewing Vincent Hazeloff about Science Shops (Groningen, July 1, 2022)

In this video Mauro Tirannosauro interviews Vincent Hazelhoff from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, at the end of the ninth “Living Knowledge” conference (which included a concerPT by Jack O’Malley on June 30). The interview focuses on the possibility of setting up a science shop for dinosaurs. Thanks again to Vincent for his availability. A full report on the conference will be coming soon.

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Local warming (Shackleton) – demo take 2

Following the “demo take 1“, recorded in February at Luca Guerrieri’s Double Vision Studios in Follonica (Tuscany), the song is now part of the JBCM live sets and is working well. Meanwhile, Jack and Mauro recorded today a demo take #2.

In the editing of the video a very sophisticated plugin was used. This takes a single video and simulates the lack of colour correction, and also add an effect of blatantly wrong compositing. Long live our demo takes!

For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Ho comprato un podere giù in campagnaI bought a farm, down in the country
Scelto bene da un bel sito interne-e-tWell chosen from a cool web site
Mi dicevo – lì sarà una gran cuccagnaI said: “This will be great fun”
Non pensavo che facesse così fredd(o)I didn’t think it would be so cold
Qui d’estate ci venivo da vent’anniHere I used to come since I was twenty
Spesso in barca a fare il giro delle sagreOften on my boat, visiting all the village fairs
Con filippo, ada nino pia e a volte GianniWith Filippo, Ada, Nio, Pia and -at times- Gianni
Non vedevo nel futuro vacche magreI did not foresee any bad times
Chorus 1
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: non ce l’aveva)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: did not have)
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: la stufa accesa)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: a flaming stove)
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: ma raccontava)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: but he used to tell)
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: le barzellette)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: a lot of jokes)
E’ arrivato il momento dei cantieriSo the moment of the construction came
cominciare una ristrutturazioneTo start a renovation
installare dei radiatori seriTo install some serious radiators
riscaldare un po’ la situazioneAnd warm up the situation
Quello che non avevo calcolatoWhat I had not considered
quando da berlino avevo compratoWhen I bought from Berlin
sto podere tanto bello da guardareThis farm, so nice to look at
è che l’ecobonus non può funzionareIs that the “eco-bonus” cannot work

Chorus 2
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: lui stava al fresco)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: he used to stay in chilly spots)
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: lì sopra al ghiaccio)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: there on the ice)
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: ma non faceva )Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: but he did not make )
Sha-a-a-ckleton (coro: scelte a casaccio)Sha-a-a-ckleton (bv: random choices)
Lo sapete com’è andata a finireDo you know how the story went
Ve lo dico, vi vorrete divertireLet me tell you, you will be amused
L’ecobonus me lo sono già scordatoI already forgot about my “eco-bonus”
colpa di un professionista sfortunatoBlame it on an unlucky consultant
In campagna il podere l’ho vendutoIn the country, I sold my farm
era bello, ma mi aveva un po’ fottutoIt was nice, but it slightly screwed me up
Ora sto in un bilocale nel paeseNow I live in a two-room flat in the village
il tramonto è uguale e ho meno speseThe sunset is the same, and I have a lot less expenses
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