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Sat. July 13, 2019: Metalliferous Hills Jug Band live @ Bar Polo, Punta Ala, Tuscany

After their first Spring event in Punta Ala, Tuscany, on April 28, the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band (Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere or JBCM) will be back in the famous location for a Summer gig.

The JBCM in Ludwigsburg, Germany, June 1, 2019

The collective has recently returned from a kaleidoscopic tour in Germany and Politecnico di Milano and is in a very active phase, planning new geomusical events and mixing them with international connections, bridging Southern Tuscany, The Netherlands, and Hungary (as an example).

Come and visit us between 7PM and 11PM at Bar Polo, via Dogana, Punta Ala on Saturday, July 13, 2019. The live part of the performance will be partly before dinner, and partly after dinner, with our combination of rock-blues, sensors, maps, and other items related to our territory.

Alessio Ricci (left) and Dario Canal (right)

On this round we will host Alessio Ricci on electric guitars, often jamming together with us (especially in his Amish from Jack White project with Dario).

Looking forward to see you, with a background of On the road again, and mezzogiorno di grano!

For more information: or +393317539228

The event is sponsored by Associazione Comunità di Punta Ala (please see their July 2019 calendar for more events by the association)

Renzo Rosso with the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band

Now that we recovered the “jet lag” following our mission to Germany, we can start to tidy up the documentation that we collected during our trip.

Here is a cameo by Renzo Rosso, Hydraulic and Maritime Constructions and Hydrology professor at Politecnico di Milano (also MS and PhD tutor for Jack o’Malley), who came to visit the JBCM for a moment of artistic exchange. On one side Renzo Rosso and his CD “Children of a Lesser River“, on the other side the inter-generational, international, geomusical collective. This was on May 30, 2019, around 5.30PM.

As a musical enticement, for a hydrology master we proposed our cover of “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin. Simone and Renzo also had some debate on electric guitars. Some of you may also note a correlation between characters with and without hat.

Livin’ Milano

Livin’ Milano – first version circa 1991. Third version (with the last part changed): October 2018

di Andrea Giacomelli / pibinko / Jack o’Malley

Blues in E

Mi La Mi

You live in Milano – the air is bad for your nose

La Mi

You live in Milano – the air is bad for your nose


but let me tell you something baby

La Mi

you live in Milano you know how it goes

Mi – fisso

Monday morning – you get on the bus

You go to work in the same old fuss

Friday evening – a couple of beers


You don’t see no women – and that has been going on for years

La Mi

but you’re living in Milano – the most beautiful town on the Earth

Si La Mi

You live in goddamned old Milano – but you don’t know what that is worth

Hey Baby, don’t you realize

you’re breathing shit, I ain’t tellin’ no lies

You are just sinking in that pool of regret

people call Milano, don’t you ever forget

but you’re living in Milano – the most beautiful town on the Earth

You live in goddamned old Milano – but you don’t know what that is worth

So girls, that’s how the story goes

I got out of town, it’s improving my nose

You wanna meet us, we’re up here in the hills

or we can come to Milano, but you’ve gotta pay the bills


Adattamento in italiano:

Adaptation to Italian

Tu vivi a Milano – l’aria lì fa male al naso

Tu vivi a Milano – l’aria lì fa male al naso

Ma sai te ne dico una, bella

tu vivi a Milano e non sei lì per caso

E’ la mattina, di lunedì

vai là in ufficio, e ti pare un sacrificio

Venerdì sera – due birre con gli amici

Di donne nun c’è ombra, ti dedichi alla bici

ma tu vivi lì a Milano, la più bella città del pianeta

stai in questo cazzo di Milano, perché te l’ha detto il tuo profeta

Oh ragazzi, non vi rendete conto

respirate gas, non vi faccio lo sconto

lì nelle sabbie –– mobili di rimpianti

che chiamano Milano, e vi vedo, siete tanti


Via ragazze –– qui le storie son finite

Son partito da Milano, mi è passata la rinite

Per entrare in confidenza, dài venite giù in collina

O se no si vien su noi, a veder la Madonnina

The Metalliferous Hills Jug Band Geomusical Mission to Germany, via Politecnico di Milano: how did it go?

From May 30 to June 3, 2019, the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band (in Italian: Jug Band dalle Colline Metallifere), with a formation including Dario Canal, Simone Sandrucci, Scheibe, Jack o’Malley conducted a mission combining musical, territorial promotion, twinning…you name it (you might want to check last week’s presentation article). This was quite challenging, but overall smooth and with an extremely positive effect for those who were there.

We had seven performances in three days, over 2600 km of whereabouts, night sky quality measurements, typical southern Tuscany product tasting, and various moments of audience engagement. We had participants singing, checking maps and articles related to the activities of the JBCM collective, and we are now working on the next events on this line of activity.

Below is a brief summary of the experiences of our last five days. For more information and booking: or +393317539228.

Thursday, May 30 Departure from the Metalliferous Hills (Southern Tuscany) to retrieve a night sky quality meter used for the Buiometria Partecipativa project at Radio Popolare Milano, and a seminar about from sound engineering to engineering with sound at the Dept. of Civil and Environmental engineering (also part of the 2019 Festival of Sustainability). For the scientific part of the performance, in addition to the talks by Jack O’Malley on rural area socioeconomics and buiometria partecipativa, we had a presentation by Wolfgang Scheibe on biodynamic agriculture, and -more in general- on the basics of quality agriculture.

Politecnico di Milano – geomusical serminar (photo by Vittorio Giacomelli)
Grand finale at Politecnico including Manuel S., beatboxer and painter.

Friday, May 31 Transfer from Milano to Sachsenheim, Germany, with a performance at Tender IBISA Kulturtreff. This is in the premises of the former train station, now used as a cultural community centre. On location we had goulash for all, a nice sunset background, with occasional trains passing by, plus travellers coming up from the stairs and finding a live band).

Sound check at the Tender in Sachsenheim
That’s all right, “train and ruler” version (clip)
Young beatboxers with Dario Canal at the end of the concert

After the public part of the day, we were teleported in spaghetti and jam session with the dynamic Crissi, known in Germany as the Dizzy Bee frontman, and also active in other musical projects.

Saturday, June 1

Late AM in the Ludwigsburg Market Square, during the market (photo by Cristopher Mosselmann)
A close-up view of the band (photo by Christopher Mosselmann)
Preparing the set for the gig at the Brau Tage in Ludwigsburg
We also went to visit new cultural spaces.

In the evening we were at ristorante Salento in Vaihingen an der Enz. There was a peculiar situation during the final jam session on That’s All Right: Jack o’Malley’s stool collapsed, but some way he managed not to stop playing, and finishing the concert sitting on the floor. After the third live set, dinner at the Brau Tage in Ludwisgburg, including a night sky quality measurement in the festival square (17.7 mag/arcsec^2 around midnight).

High-visibility jackets to lower down the drumming volume indoor (photo by Crissi Mosselmann)

Sunday, June 2: Early PM situation at Caffé Bar Tatti, downtown Stuttgart…very, very peculiar, and groovy (we look forward to see the video, since the gig was filmed with professional gear):

…with the best regards of the Café Bar Tatti staff. Video and photo by Benni Scheibe.

On Sunday evening, a concert in the farmyard at Völkleswaldhof in Oberrot, with another night sky quality measurement in the fields by the farm (recording 21.35 mag/arcsec ^2 with the Scilla sensor)

The murder of Santa Claus – opening the concert.
A typical night kitten appearing on stage at the end of the concert.

Monday June 3 We had a visit to the Huober Brezel factory, running for almost 70 years, guided by Wolfgang, our official skinny farmer and biodynamics expert, who actually worked in the factory in the Eighties, managing its transition to biodynamic processes. The header picture shows the JBCM collective at the end of the visit. Following this educational opportunity, we headed back for Tuscany. Below you see Simone driving somewhere South of Verona, brainstorming about Samoan lawyers, Bonfiglio, and various community engagement ideas which we will work on in the coming months.

Acknowledgements in no particular order: Romolo Chiari, Vittorio Giacomelli, Az. agricola Il Fontino, Az. vinicola Ampeleia, Az. Agricola Loriano Bartoli, DICA @ Politecnico di Milano, Tatti Café Bar Stuttgart, Tender Sachsenheim, Ristorante Salento Vahingen an der Enz, Christopher Mosselmann, Pius, Andreas and the Völkleswaldhof bei Oberrot, Benni & Markus, Brigitte, Crissi, Theo & Anton, Andy, the Rossknecht brewery, the Huober family, and others which we will add to this list once we recover the “jet lag”.