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Services by Mauro Tirannosauro

Mauro Tirannosauro proposes animation and entertainment services, normally in partnership with components of the network and/or of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere.


Singer and vocalist (also availalable for sessions)

Birthday party animator


La vendetta del Chihuahua Killer e degli zombi (2007), uncredited

Furthermore, he is often invited as guest for events of different kind (to date on two teleconferences).

For information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228

Aggiornamento 19.5.20

The first Participatory Lithology Làiv Show: how did it go?

The May 16 event had four goals: (1) summarizing the prototype phase of the Participatory Lithology project (2) showing how the project created synergies with other activities pre-existing to phase 1 of the COVID-19 emergency (3) presenting the people who participated actively, (4) providing a little outlook on our work.

During the streaming we never had less than a dozen participants, at some points reaching fifteen. Is this a lot? Is this a little? You tell us ( An interesting fact: we had two participant from outside Italy, and non-Italian-speaking, who followed a 90-minute event over 90% of which was is Italian.

Mauro Tirannosauro was on the loose: in addition to singing a playback version of one of his songs, we played maracas, drank vermentino wine from Loriano, and interacted with the attendees. Jack O’Malley was a decent sidekick:

Jack O’Malley (L) and Mauro Tirannosauro (R) during the live show.

Below we provide links to the recordings of the talks. To minimize the risks of bandwidth availability (we were streaming from a rural location with known problems), the talks were pre-recorded. Then, speakers who managed to attend during the event, eventually made their presentation live, following the same format which was proposed to them for the videos.

In the coming days, we will post additional comments for some of these talks. In the meantime, enjoy them at leisure:


  • Cristian Carlone from Turin, one of the “classifier” geologists
  • Claudia Göbel from Berlin, a sociologist with experience on citizen science research (in English)
  • Luca Guerrieri, from Follonica, Southern Tuscany. A DJ, and a producer, working internationally
  • Wolfgang Scheibe, from Tatti, Southern Tuscany. With experience since the Seventies in the graphics sector, in biodynamic agriculture (and playing a one-string bass). The talk has a one-minute summary in German
  • Andrea Bartolini, from Torniella (Southern Tuscany), university student and palla a 21 player
  • Dario Canal, from Turin, singer and songwriter, performing a song about darkness, and then talking about light pollution

Immages and musica


The photos of the streaming session are by Claudia Göbel