From the Metalliferous Hills to Milano and back – Cast – Dario Canal

After presenting yesterday our “axe man” Simone Sandrucci, it is now time to introduce “the voice”…or, rather, the lead vocalist, since all the other members of the collective sing at least one song during a geomusical event. [Note If you lost our teaser trailer, and the indications to how to support the production of our story, please see this article]

Dario Canal (Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, Pisa, 1991), resident in Massa Marittima, in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills, Southern Tuscany. Co-founder and lead vocal with Etruschi from Lakota. In addition to being a rocker, he has various collaborations in the education sector (also being a certified instructor with the Associazione Italiana Gordon per l’Apprendimento Musicale, AIGAM), in cultural mediation, and in theatre productions. With the JBCM he mainly sings and plays guitar, but on 20% of our repertoire you might see him on drums. In 2020 he decided to attend a Master course in education science at the University of Siena, and he has just started now his second year, with excellent results (and without neglecting his musical activity).

In this video from April 2020, you can see Dario’s talk in the context of a class on participatory methods for interdisciplinary protection and promotion of the night sky, curated by Andrea Giacomelli (alias pibinko, alias Jack O’Malley) for the University of Brescia.

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