Jug Band Colline Metallifere: Ready for Take-off to Germany

Here we go…after a couple of warm-up events in Southern Tuscany, the Jug Band Colline Metallifere is taking off for Germany, for the central part of its 2023 Summer Tour, code name “Brezel”.

Waiting for the JBCM to perform again in Italy, we will be on July 6 in Ludwisburg Hoheneck at Krone, on July 7 in Waldheim in Backnang Bei Vesna, on the 8th in Erdmannhausen (for a private event), on 9th in Stuttgart at the Tatti Stay and See, and for some street music. Finally, on July 10 we will be in Munich (for another private event).

Once we are back in Tuscany, the JBCM in one of its trio line-ups (Canal, Scheibe, O’Malley) will then be on July 15 in Monterotondo Marittimo and on August 17 in Roccatederighi. More events are being planned. The Full tour schedule is available from this link.

As all of the band’s initiatives, the tour in Germany will intertwine musical entertainment with outreach related to our territories. We will bring with us a sample of the projects we are promoting, combining environment, agriculture, ancient traditions blended with innovative approaches and a necessary dose of irony. Together with our rock-blues-folk notes, you will find community maps, monitoring sensors, wheat, hand-made prints, and hand made balls, just as an example.

The Italian “news” section of the band is covering all the development of the tour, with many brezel-related items. After our return we will elaborate more on why we were inspired by this typical product for our Summer (we are also posting several updates in the English News section, but in this phase it is not simple to maintain the blog in both languages).

For more information and booking: micalosapevo@pibinko.org or whatsapp +393317539228

Photo credits (dall’alto in basso): Andrea Giacomelli, Federica Dattilo, Pietro Barbieri